Trade and Vocational

OVERVIEW Vocational education attempts to prepare trainees with the technical or industry specific knowledge in different craft and trade in professions like engineering, accounting, medical, law, etc. Trade training provides more specific outcomes on occupational programs and business operations.

ELIGIBILITY :  Vocational and trade courses provide training for the careers which are in-demand hence investment in vocational courses proves to be a futuristic investment. All the students with high school diploma can enroll for associate or bachelor degree program in trade education. Vocational training involves lesser time frames consolidating both in-classes as well as real world education.

JOB DESCRIPTION :  US Department of Education has identified more than sixteen broad careers that are available after trade education. This occupation range involves agriculture, arts, hospitality, health science, retail, Information Technology, communication and design, business management, education, manufacturing, distribution and logistics, manufacturing, etc.


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