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Travel on the time machine…anthropology and archeology, two interesting career options

Are you interested to take a look into the historical times- ancient times when our ancestors lived. To know and understand the culture, traditions and civilizations originated millions years ago, which shaped our present society-now you must be thinking about the history classes that you attended in school days. But we have more advanced scientific subjects that deal with the study of human past and present, through the remains. Archaeology and anthropology are often used interchangeably. Most of the people think that both of them dig places and find some fossils or material remains. But they have some significant differences. Anthropology is all about studying humanity with respective to its historic ages. Anthropology can be categorized into mainly four areas. They are linguistic anthropology, cultural anthropology, physical anthropology and archaeology.

Linguistic anthropology: As the name indicates, it deals with the study of languages. It will help the anthropologists in determining the cultural relations existed in that period. Language structure, communication forms, myths, beliefs and many more factors can be explored through this research.

Cultural anthropology: In every nation or community, cultural works and traditions have a great influence. It focuses on researching information about the economic, political and social impacts on the ancient cultural groups.

Physical anthropology: Also known as bioanthropology or biological anthropology, this field studies about the evolution of human species. Principles of paleontology, forensics, anthropometrics, genetics, osteology and many other biological disciplines are combines together in this study.

Archaeology: The word archaeology was derived from two Greek words, ‘archaios’ which means ancient things and ‘logos’ which means theory of science. This anthropological field investigates about the historic life by collecting material remains. It may be artifacts, cemeteries, buildings, equipments etc.

Life of our ancestors and their cultural values, tradition, heritage etc can be portrayed with the help of all the findings. If you are search for an exciting career option that requires deep analytical bend of mind, then enrolling in anthropological degree programs may be a right career option. You can find job opportunities in research departments, administration sections and cultural management fields. So get prepared to explore the path through which our ancestors travelled and a fascinating journey to know our glorious past, heritage and tradition.

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