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Knowing our country, society better…a degree in American Studies also can lead to a great career

Are you a student interested to know about the factors that shaped our current society? History, cultural exchanges, international relations, political issues and many other factors have influenced our country in several ways. We know that changes are always a part of life and the current traditions will change after some time. So what about the ancient times? The historic heritage and traditions that have shaped Americans and the present America. It would be an interesting part to know about the culture, history and social values of our country in local and global contexts. American studies is relatively a younger academic discipline that deals with combines history, cultural variations, literature, foreign policy, arts and many other fields to study about our country.

Impact of social, economic, cultural and intellectual factors in building a nature and character of America are discussed in this academic curriculum. This interdisciplinary study is even offered in several foreign countries such as Britain, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Bahrain etc. The International American Studies Association (IASA) is a worldwide non-governmental association that contributes towards the international exchange of ideas and information. The youngsters should know our rich heritage and work towards its betterment. If we are not aware of the factors that molded our present society, then how will we realize our unique American culture? Online and campus programs are offered in American studies starting form associate’s to the advanced doctorate levels. Graduates can even choose specialization options such as

African-American studies: African American people are always an important factor in the country. With a clear precise study, we can know the historical facts that reflect the worst olden days of African American. Slave trade, racism and color discrimination existed in the old times can clearly found in African-American studies 

American-Indian studies: Also known as American Indian, Indigenous American, Aboriginal, Native or First Nations studies, this discipline try to see the country in a local perspective. Influence of economic, cultural, social and other factors are researched with respective to the experiences of native people of North America.

Asian Pacific American studies: As the name indicates, it mainly deals with the study of people with Asian ancestry in the country. It is closely associated with the ethnics and cross-cultural studies.

Latin American Studies: Culture, traditions and life experiences of Latin Americans are examined in this branch of study. It may be about Latinos or Hispanics and research works combines fields such as Latino studies, Caribbean studies and transatlantic studies.

International studies: Foreign relations have always influenced our country in different aspects. Foreign policies, trade, international relations and several other factors are taken into account in this specialization option.

So it is the time to make a choice and start your search for the best academic institutes. It is the time to turn your skills into a rewarding career.

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Baking and Pastry – Online Schools,Baking Schools

Baking and pastry – A sweet career choice

The appearance and smell of chocolate cakes, delicious pastries or plated deserts makes your mouth water, it makes you want to eat it. Isn’t it? Baking and pastry is a specialized major option in culinary arts. Since every human being have a great love for sweets and desserts, the industry of baking and pastry may never face a slow down. Whether it is a gorgeous sweet wedding cake or an elaborate pastry, it would be culinary masterpiece prepared by the chef with hard work and patience.

If you are interested in the art of cooking or baking cookies for your dear ones was your most favorite hobby, then you can think about a career in culinary arts. Baking and pastry can be considered as a sweet major choice offered in baking schools or cooking colleges. From certificates to diplomas to degrees, there are so many education levels available in this program. The academic curriculum mainly focuses on providing a well-rounded education for the students. Practical and hands-on training sessions along with an exploration of different cooking styles are offered in baking schools. Some of main topics covered include

1. Fundamentals of baking: This may cover preparing different baked items such as chocolate and confections, wedding and specialty cake, tarts and pastries, plated desserts, ice cream and sorbets and many more. Advanced patisserie skills are developed through the hands-on training sessions.

2. Food decoration: In most of the cases, it is the appearance of food, which attracts everyone. Food decoration holds great importance while presenting it before the customers. Different styles, color and designs used for decorating the food items are discussed here.

3. Health regulations and standards: Different health regulations and standards set by the federal government should be followed while food preparation. Therefore, along with ensuring the taste and appearance of food, health factors are also taken into concern.

4. Business skillsStudy programs in baking and pastry will develop business skills among the students. This will guide the students to initiate a career in hospitality industry or they can even own/operate their own business.
So it is the time to turn your talent or hobby into a rewarding career and earn your daily bread by baking bread and trying something delicious.

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Marine transportation – International Trade,Online Jobs,Career in Transportation

Marine transportation – International trade,online Jobs,Career in Transportation

Inland waterways have been used to transport goods and passengers since the earliest days in American history. The Steamboat transport was thriving and active on the nation’s vast inland waterways. The steamboats provided trade and human traffic before the rail networks became essential in quickly transporting passengers and goods. The Mississippi river was a major means of transporting goods. From the source in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico, it stretches over 2300 miles. Today, after considerable capital expenditure and efforts in building dams and locks, Mississippi is continued to be used in transporting agricultural products. 

International trade and commerce has been carried out across the oceans for a long time. Modern technology has enabled the container ships or cargo ships to carry material and products in a timely and cost effective manner. Many companies are involved in international trade as economies around the world demand more products. According to a report published by United States International Trade Commission, in August, 2011 (Publication No. 4245) exports of domestic merchandise for the year 2010 amounted to 1,122,131 million dollars.

The imports of merchandise for the year 2010 amounted to 1,898,610 million dollars. All the merchandise traded internationally, requires the use of marine transportation, cargo ships in particular. Depending on the geographical location, environment and land factors, various countries around the world involved in agriculture, often export the surplus to other countries. In turn they import merchandise and tools, equipment to support their growing economies. The need for marine transportation in transferring products across the world continues to generate opportunities for professionals involved in shipping transportation and logistics management and other related fields. Many companies have openings for shore side operations in human resource and global manning, planning and analysis, safety and environmental specialists.

Officials and representatives from companies across the nation are now considering the use of inland waterways for transporting the good and materials, as rising fuel prices, increasing congestions and traffic mishaps involved in using trailer trucks in freight transportation. The companies are now considering the use of inland waterways as modern technology and improvements in the design have made marine transportation vehicles a safe and cost effective alternative. The need to revive and redesign the inland water ways is being earnestly considered. The initiative, if successful will generate more opportunities for marine transportation professionals.

The field of marine transportation demands, hard work and extended periods of staying away from land. It is different from a typical 9 to 5 that most other jobs offer. The jobs has some effects on your family and social life. The jobs are lucrative and deliver a sense of pride and accomplishment. It is one of the most satisfying careers that has attracted men and women since the dawn of civilization.

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Wind Turbine Technology -Contribute to a greater cause….Wind Turbine Technician as a Career Choice

Wind Turbine Technology - Contribute to a greater cause....Wind Turbine Technician as a Career Choice

With the rising awareness about environment and its protection, the trend of green jobs is picking up in the market. Green jobs are such kind of jobs that are associated in some way or the other with an alternate lifestyle, associated with environment protection like alternate sources of energy which use fewer natural resources and lessen our carbon footprint. Going green is making economic sense nowadays. Not only there are plethoras of jobs available in this segment, the pay is generally good and it gives a satisfaction to us that we are doing our bit to protect and preserve the environment. One of such green jobs is being a wind turbine technician.

We use electricity to power our cities and lives. This electricity mainly comes from the non renewable sources of energy such as fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are limited, their use creates problems such as global warming and climate change and also they cause various other environmental problems. In order to lessen the load on the mother earth and to save the planet from environmental degradation, the use of such fossil fuels should be minimized at the least. One way of doing this is to encourage the use of renewable sources of energy such as solar energy and wind energy. Wind energy is clean and it is unlimited. It doesn’t create any burden on the environment and it is safe.

Wind turbines are used to produce wind energy. Wind creates pressure on the rotor blades of the wind turbine which in turn are connected to a generator which causes the blades to move. This generates electricity. Wind turbine technicians are required to service the machinery and the parts of the turbine so that they are always in top condition. Wind turbine technicians perform scheduled preventive maintenance on wind turbines adhering to various safety precautions. The maintenance tasks that wind turbine technicians are supposed to do are replacing oil filters and greasing bearings. They are also responsible for housekeeping at wind turbine facilities. Since they are working at considerable heights, wind turbine technicians have to take lots of safety precautions.

Wind turbine technicians are well paid. According to various industry sources, the annual income of a wind turbine technician was between $65,000 to $78,000. What more can one ask for if one gets the job satisfaction of working towards a greener environment and also get paid well in the deal. Wind turbine technicians jobs fall in such a category.

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How To Study

How To Study

Studying always seems to be an uphill task if you are not prepared well. In order to have a productive study experience you should be mentally prepared and cut out all distractions. The most important part is to make up your mind and try not to stress yourself too hard. Once you stop procrastinating and start focusing on studying, things would definitely become easier and more interesting. Follow the simple steps given below in order to make your study time more productive and gainful.

Set the Goal: You should have a clear goal and aim, to which you have to focus and work towards, to attain it. Short term goals and better plans should be made, but do not forget to work sincerely for achieving the success. Try to find out what went wrong in the previous experiences and situations.

Attention In Classes: Listening in classes is very important as it is the initial part of your study. Proper and good attention should be given in the classrooms while taking necessary notes. Notes will give you a clear picture of what you understood and will help you to learn the concept easily. Read through the lines and rewrite it to improve the memory.

Study Environment: The place you choose for studying always matters as each and everyone has their own study behavior. So select a place where you feel comfortable and pleasant. All the required study materials should be with you which will avoid the time wastage in movement during studies.

Study Schedules:  There should be a regular study schedule which should be specific and flexible. Specific means you must decide what subject will you study and how long you will spend time for it. It will be based on the way you treat the subjects. Flexibilitywill involve better changes in the schedule whenever required. But be sure that you find time for maintaining your social life also.

Subject specific strategies:  Each and every subject has its own way to study. Timelines and famous people involved in history should be clearly highlighted and studied. Mnemonic devices will help you with the Science subjects and repeated practice will make mathematical problems easier. Reading and vocabulary tests should be applied in learning English and foreign languages. Likewise, one should follow different strategies for each subject.

Consider Your mind and Health:  It is very essential to consider your emotional state before initiating sudies, since the brain controls everything. There will be a lack of enough concentration if you are in a stress or fatigue condition. Balanced and proper diet must be followed in regular basis to keep your body and mind healthy. You can investigate so many other possibilities such as finding a study group, tutoring helps and so on. Just give a chance for these tips and follow these for a short term trial basis. You will definitely win the heart of your parents and score good grades and smiles of your teachers in classrooms. Once you knew the happiness of achievement, you’ll never leave it.

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