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Knowing our country, society better…a degree in American Studies also can lead to a great career

Are you a student interested to know about the factors that shaped our current society? History, cultural exchanges, international relations, political issues and many other factors have influenced our country in several ways. We know that changes are always a part of life and the current traditions will change after some time. So what about the ancient times? The historic heritage and traditions that have shaped Americans and the present America. It would be an interesting part to know about the culture, history and social values of our country in local and global contexts. American studies is relatively a younger academic discipline that deals with combines history, cultural variations, literature, foreign policy, arts and many other fields to study about our country.

Impact of social, economic, cultural and intellectual factors in building a nature and character of America are discussed in this academic curriculum. This interdisciplinary study is even offered in several foreign countries such as Britain, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Bahrain etc. The International American Studies Association (IASA) is a worldwide non-governmental association that contributes towards the international exchange of ideas and information. The youngsters should know our rich heritage and work towards its betterment. If we are not aware of the factors that molded our present society, then how will we realize our unique American culture? Online and campus programs are offered in American studies starting form associate’s to the advanced doctorate levels. Graduates can even choose specialization options such as

African-American studies: African American people are always an important factor in the country. With a clear precise study, we can know the historical facts that reflect the worst olden days of African American. Slave trade, racism and color discrimination existed in the old times can clearly found in African-American studies 

American-Indian studies: Also known as American Indian, Indigenous American, Aboriginal, Native or First Nations studies, this discipline try to see the country in a local perspective. Influence of economic, cultural, social and other factors are researched with respective to the experiences of native people of North America.

Asian Pacific American studies: As the name indicates, it mainly deals with the study of people with Asian ancestry in the country. It is closely associated with the ethnics and cross-cultural studies.

Latin American Studies: Culture, traditions and life experiences of Latin Americans are examined in this branch of study. It may be about Latinos or Hispanics and research works combines fields such as Latino studies, Caribbean studies and transatlantic studies.

International studies: Foreign relations have always influenced our country in different aspects. Foreign policies, trade, international relations and several other factors are taken into account in this specialization option.

So it is the time to make a choice and start your search for the best academic institutes. It is the time to turn your skills into a rewarding career.

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Flight Attendant – Online Jobs, Career in Flight Attendant

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See the world, speak the global language, add the glamor, be a cabin crew

Opportunity to see the world at no expenses, glitz and glamour, luxury living styles and experience different foreign cultures– you might be thinking that we are talking about any film celebrities.

Whenever we hear the word flight attendant, then most of them will visualize a picture of a beautiful lady walking in a stylish way through the airport with the wheeling travel bag behind. But the job responsibilities of a flight attendant are not limited in serving food and instructing the passengers. They are an important part of the cabin crew of an airline, who ensures the safety and security of passengers. If we turn the pages of history, then we can find that flight attendants were known as stewardesses. It was Ellen church and seven other single women got the first entry to this career in 1930. United Airlines hired those eight stewardesses in their cabin crew. But the situations have changed now. The Civil Right Act of 1964 gave some new dimensions to this job, by removing the discrimination of race, sex, age, or marital status factors for this occupation. This act marked the entry of men into this job industry which changed the career name stewardesses into flight attendants.

If you are passionate about travelling and seeing the world, then flight attendant career may be a right option. Even though a high school diploma or GED serves as an eligibility requirement for flight attendants, a college degree in hospitality, public relations, tourism etc can give you an edge in the job competition. In addition to the educational requirements, there are some other set of qualifications to be possessed by candidate.

Some of them are foreign language fluencies, physical standards and medical evaluation. Certifications for flight attendants are offered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which is necessary for initiating your career. But it may be given only upon the successful completion of training provided by airline companies. During training sessions you will be trained in management, medical and technical skills. You will learn how to handle highly stressful situations such as hijackings, land or sea disasters etc. Don’t forget that flight attendants should be friendly, patient and punctual. That’s why we can say that flight attendant jobs are a lifestyle that offers great deal of excitement.

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Funeral Service & Direction -Funeral Education,Online Degree,Online Programs

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In grief, pain and sorrow, the funeral directors stand by your side.. 
Funeral Directors provide counseling and support to family members who have lost a loved one. A funeral director serves the members of their communities in compassionate, proficient and caring manner. They work in providing funeral services at a funeral home, the grave site or crematory.

The job responsibilities undertaken by a funeral director require high standards of ethical conduct. They work as apprentice to understand and gain knowledge about caring for human remains. A state license to practice is essential. Many states have their own licensing rules and regulations for funeral directors. An Associate degree in mortuary science is essential. The practical and theoretical knowledge of embalming, anatomy and pathology are gained during the study. The knowledge of local and federal laws is essential in notifying the government agencies concerned. They contact the state officials to get a formal death certificate. If the burial or cremation is to take place elsewhere they prepare for the transportation of the deceased across county and state boundaries according to the rules and regulations, in a dignified and proficient manner.

A funeral director helps family members plan funerals for members who wish to plan their own service in advance. They arrange for the transportation of the deceased and the complete the paperwork and legal documents. The family members and friends, who have lost a loved one, undergo one of the life’s most difficult experiences. They are facing grief and pain, at this point in their lives the funeral director takes care of them in a compassionate manner. The funeral director prepares the deceased through embalming, restorative and cosmetic arts.

The funeral directors attend to emergencies at all hours. They work late and on weekends. Many individuals choose to plan their own funerals and meet funeral directors to discuss and understand the various stages involved. The funeral directors help them with paper work and legal documentation, they explain the arrangements needed for the grave site, the casket etc.
The moments of anguish and pain after the death of loved one, are made somewhat bearable because of the services of a funeral director. The funeral director shows care and proficiency in performing a very delicate, sensitive and important task at the end of human life.

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Career Aspects of Graphic Designer – Online Jobs,Career in Graphic Designer

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Make it look better, beautiful, graphic designing can be an exciting career option

A graphic designer’s work can be seen everywhere. From the signs and symbols we see in public places like railroad stations, airport terminals, bus stops etc. to various websites which we encounter in the internet and also various advertisements both in print and electronic form all have an element of graphic design embedded in them. A graphic designer thus serves as an interface for various public communication needs and the general public, who should be able to understand, appreciate and comprehend the designs which are basically intended for them.

Thus, a graphic designer should be very adept in communication skills, seeking to constantly interpret the economic, social and cultural aspects of design that one has in mind and able to convey the same to the client so that the communication between them gets effective and the client gets what he or she wants from the graphic designer. Thus, understanding the perspective of others is very important for a graphic designer since they work for the public at large, constantly interpreting their own ideas and how will the public perceive those ideas.

A graphic designer or for that matter any creative artist has to constantly live in the shadow of a conflict between creativity and public utility. An artist may create a masterpiece and when he or she views the work created by the ones own perspective and it may feel like the best work an artist has achieved. But it may not be the same way how other artists and public in general might feel for that particular work. Also general public wants to see something that is unique, appeals to their taste and is something they can relate with.

All these are very tough conditions to fulfill and an artist may not always be able to meet all these expectations. Same is the case with the graphic designers since they are also artists who have to convey their ideas to public and are constantly nervous about how public would receive their piece of work. Hence, it becomes imperative that the graphic designer understand the nerve of the public at large, their hopes and expectations, their fears and aspirations, what they love and what they hate. It is not always possible to make everyone happy, but the graphic designer has to create such kind of work which is always appealing both to the masses and critics and most important of all, serves a definite purpose and is of aesthetical value to everyone.        
 Online Schools,   Design School,  Career in Graphic Designer , Online Design Courses

Besides being creative, graphic designers have also to be adept in the technical side of their work. Since the information technology revolution is sweeping the entire world and how we conduct our businesses and work, the profession of graphic design and not remained immune to this phenomenon. Thus, instead of ink and sheets of paper, graphic designers have now to turn to their computer screens and various software in order to create their work. This has offered variety in their work but also has increased the competition. The tools which the computers have brought to the profession of graphic design have also made this field more interesting and easy to comprehend. Moreover, the advent of the internet has opened new possibilities to the graphic designers in the design of various websites and logos of companies. This has opened a wide range of opportunity to them and this wave of new media has brought design sense more closer to the public.

Thus, the role of a graphic designer is multifaceted which should be both technical and creative, appealing to the masses and yet individualized in style and nature.

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Anthropology & Archaeology – Online Course, Cultural Anthropology, Find Jobs

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Travel on the time machine…anthropology and archeology, two interesting career options

Are you interested to take a look into the historical times- ancient times when our ancestors lived. To know and understand the culture, traditions and civilizations originated millions years ago, which shaped our present society-now you must be thinking about the history classes that you attended in school days. But we have more advanced scientific subjects that deal with the study of human past and present, through the remains. Archaeology and anthropology are often used interchangeably. Most of the people think that both of them dig places and find some fossils or material remains. But they have some significant differences. Anthropology is all about studying humanity with respective to its historic ages. Anthropology can be categorized into mainly four areas. They are linguistic anthropology, cultural anthropology, physical anthropology and archaeology.

Linguistic anthropology: As the name indicates, it deals with the study of languages. It will help the anthropologists in determining the cultural relations existed in that period. Language structure, communication forms, myths, beliefs and many more factors can be explored through this research.

Cultural anthropology: In every nation or community, cultural works and traditions have a great influence. It focuses on researching information about the economic, political and social impacts on the ancient cultural groups.

Physical anthropology: Also known as bioanthropology or biological anthropology, this field studies about the evolution of human species. Principles of paleontology, forensics, anthropometrics, genetics, osteology and many other biological disciplines are combines together in this study.

Archaeology: The word archaeology was derived from two Greek words, ‘archaios’ which means ancient things and ‘logos’ which means theory of science. This anthropological field investigates about the historic life by collecting material remains. It may be artifacts, cemeteries, buildings, equipments etc.

Life of our ancestors and their cultural values, tradition, heritage etc can be portrayed with the help of all the findings. If you are search for an exciting career option that requires deep analytical bend of mind, then enrolling in anthropological degree programs may be a right career option. You can find job opportunities in research departments, administration sections and cultural management fields. So get prepared to explore the path through which our ancestors travelled and a fascinating journey to know our glorious past, heritage and tradition.

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Reflexology – Art of Natural, Physical Fitness, Physical Therapy Programs

Reflexology – Art of Natural, Physical Fitness, Career in Reflexology,Online Jobs

“Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness,” a fact well expressed by the British statesman Edward Henry Stanley years ago holds great importance in our day-to-day life. As we all know prevention is better than cure, maintaining a healthy body and mind will be the best option to build immunity. Physical fitness training programs have been a part of the modern life. What about physical therapy programs? Both the personal training and physical therapy programs focus on designing some training sessions to improve the health of their clients.

The difference is that fitness trainers work with healthy people who want to control body weight or get a better shape. On the other hand, physical therapists have to guide the people who have dealt with some sort of illness or injury. Personal trainers and physical therapists work in two different ways with two different categories of people to attain same goal. ie, better fitness for their clients.

If you are interested in a healthcare profession, then you can choose either the career of a personal trainer or of a physical therapist. A career as fitness trainers demands certifications from different accredited certification organizations. Since there are different specialization options, requirements for certifications also vary. But initiating your career as a physical therapist requires long term education. According to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), ‘physical therapist is required to complete a graduate degree – either a masters or clinical doctorate – from an accredited education program.

A growing majority of programs offer the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree’. Students can even specialize in some specific areas such as cardiovascular and pulmonary, clinical electrophysiology, geriatrics, neurology, orthopedics, pediatrics, sports and Women’s Health. Soon after the completion of program, graduates can appear for the licensure examination.

If physical therapy follows a holistic approach, then reflexology is an alternative medical practice. While physical therapy and personal training programs focus on health fitness, reflexology helps the clients to relieve from stress. This art of natural healing helps in regenerating the human body. Principles of massage therapy and zone theory are combined in this physical act. So individuals who want to be the part of healthcare sector and help others to live a health life can go for these career options. So start your search today and step into a rewarding career.

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Meteorology – Information and Forecast,Degree in Meteorology

Meteorology –  Information and Forecast,Weather Forecast and Planning

Want to be that weather-girl, here is your chance to explore the science of weather

Meteorologists work in university, government agencies and at various institutions across the nation. The jobs range from research and data analysis to being an anchor on one of the TV channels presenting the daily and weekly weather forecasts. The jobs in the field of research generally start with a bachelors degree. Many students also pursue master’s and doctoral degrees. Some meteorology students get an additional degree in ecology or horticulture. The meteorological research involves analyzing large data sets collected over time. The data analysis, numerical methods and computation algorithms are now being studied. Many meteorology students end up taking courses in computer programming and algorithms.  Coding and developing good algorithms is an important part of the data analysis involved. 

Every day we see weather forecasts on various TV channels and radio. It helps us in planning our days ahead. In case of extreme weather and emergencies, the power outages leave us with the only option of getting weather forecasts on radio. The information and forecast provided in times of emergencies could save lives .
The companies and institutions involved in international travel, logistics and transportation hire professionals from the field of meteorology and weather forecast. The logistics and transportation departments now plan and change their flights, shipments and freight transfers, after a careful study of weather forecast and conditions. Millions of dollars worth of products get delayed and millions of passengers get stranded every year due to bad weather conditions. Agricultural produce may go bad and cause losses if they are not quickly rerouted to the markets. Good weather forecast and planning could help in saving money.

Engineering and environmental firms across the nation are now hiring professionals with a degree in meteorology as sustainable eco-friendly solutions are sought everywhere in the industry. The effects of climate change and weather conditions is being actively studied. The utility companies across the nation study weather forecasts in an effort to understand and meet the future utility needs.

A background in physics, mathematics and strong analytical skills are essential to become a meteorological scientist. Many students in the fields choose to join the armed forces and defense related government agencies.The study of atmospheric and oceanic phenomenon opens the path to a satisfying career with lifelong learning.

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