Accounting / Payroll Administrator

OverviewAccounting/Payroll administrator job is one of the excellent career in business world with great skills and proficiencies in financial management and accounting. They mainly focus on the money management of the business world.

Accounting/Payroll administrator

Job Description : Accounting  and payroll administrator have to finance and process all the payroll information of the employees. They calculate labor wages according to their rate of work and maintain ledger accounts. They also process tax rates according to the rules and regulations of the government.

Job Outlook : It is one of the most profitable career options in the business industry. The salary ranges of the accountant professionals are getting higher with their experience in the field. The job prospects are good for the entry-level professionals with sound knowledge in the computerized systems and new trends in the accounting.

Degrees Offered
 :  Associate’s     Bachelor’s    Master’s    Doctorate/PhD   Certificate
Expected Job Geowth : U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that employment opportunities for payroll and time keeping clerks will decline by five percent during 2008 to 2018.

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Flight Attendant – Online Jobs, Career in Flight Attendant

Online Study Programs, Online Degrees in Flight Attendant

See the world, speak the global language, add the glamor, be a cabin crew

Opportunity to see the world at no expenses, glitz and glamour, luxury living styles and experience different foreign cultures– you might be thinking that we are talking about any film celebrities.

Whenever we hear the word flight attendant, then most of them will visualize a picture of a beautiful lady walking in a stylish way through the airport with the wheeling travel bag behind. But the job responsibilities of a flight attendant are not limited in serving food and instructing the passengers. They are an important part of the cabin crew of an airline, who ensures the safety and security of passengers. If we turn the pages of history, then we can find that flight attendants were known as stewardesses. It was Ellen church and seven other single women got the first entry to this career in 1930. United Airlines hired those eight stewardesses in their cabin crew. But the situations have changed now. The Civil Right Act of 1964 gave some new dimensions to this job, by removing the discrimination of race, sex, age, or marital status factors for this occupation. This act marked the entry of men into this job industry which changed the career name stewardesses into flight attendants.

If you are passionate about travelling and seeing the world, then flight attendant career may be a right option. Even though a high school diploma or GED serves as an eligibility requirement for flight attendants, a college degree in hospitality, public relations, tourism etc can give you an edge in the job competition. In addition to the educational requirements, there are some other set of qualifications to be possessed by candidate.

Some of them are foreign language fluencies, physical standards and medical evaluation. Certifications for flight attendants are offered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which is necessary for initiating your career. But it may be given only upon the successful completion of training provided by airline companies. During training sessions you will be trained in management, medical and technical skills. You will learn how to handle highly stressful situations such as hijackings, land or sea disasters etc. Don’t forget that flight attendants should be friendly, patient and punctual. That’s why we can say that flight attendant jobs are a lifestyle that offers great deal of excitement.

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Helicopter Flight – Career in Military,Military Service, online Jobs, Government Jobs

Jobs in Pilots, Online Schools, Online Services

Fly high….being a helicopter and professional flight pilot

Who wouldn’t want to soar up in the sky in a chopper and carry passengers or cargo to various places and enjoy the thrill of flying a monster machine in the sky? This is exactly what the helicopter pilots do. They do so in a variety of roles and offer us many services consequently. They work in the field of oil exploration and help find oil reserves in land or in the deep seas.

They also help in transporting equipment and manpower to and fro from the oil rigs in the deep seas. The helicopter and professional flight pilots help in the operation of the chartered flights by transporting business honchos from corner of the country to another in the shortest possible time span so that they can strike their business deals in no time. Helicopter pilots also help in the cause of environment by help managing and dousing forest fires by sprinkling huge quantities of water from the sky. These set of professionals also help in farming better by spaying insecticides and fertilizers from the air over the farms to bolster the agricultural production. One other area in which helicopter pilots work is in the area of news gathering.

They help news correspondents reach the scene of action where the news is breaking in the shortest possible time so that we can get the real time news which is happening even at far flung places. We also get our weather forecasts and news about impending hurricanes and tornadoes through the helicopter pilots. Looking on the more pleasant side, helicopter pilots also transfer us to various tourist places which are located in areas with little or no connectivity. In the case of military services, helicopter pilots perform a variety of roles and missions. They help carrying the infantry and supplies to various areas where the military is operating and also lend support in the ground operations. In case of emergencies, they also air lift the injured soldiers from the place of action to various hospitals thus saving valuable lives. Even when disaster strikes a place and there is a huge earthquake or flood, the helicopter pilots serve to take doctors and medical professionals to the affected area also bring the supplies of food and medical supplies to the affected areas. They also rescue people who are in danger.

Thus, helicopter pilots play vital role to serve us in different areas and also help in disaster management, environment protection and performing emergency services.
Imagine yourself performing such diverse roles from serving the oil rigs to helping the agricultural production. Yes, these all jobs are performed by the helicopter pilots and they thus serve the humanity by saving lives and by providing medicines and food to the disaster struck areas. It is due to the efforts of such brave helicopter pilots that we get to rest safe in our homes while they are soaring up in the sky gathering news, weather data or transporting people or cargo.

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Airframe – Airframe Mechanics, Find Employment, Mechanical Jobs, Career in Airframe

Airframe – Airframe Mechanics, Find Employment

                          Making it safer and secured in the sky
Over 15,000 airports and 600 million air travelers flying each year, commercial aircraft travel plays an important part in the economy. The sheer number of commercial, civilian flights operated across the country is mind boggling. The FAA, Federal Aviation Authority, an agency of the United States Department of Transportation, governs all administrative aspects of civil aviation.

The FAA governs and regulates all aspects of civil aviation, commercial space transportation. The FAA manages and issues licenses for personnel who work in maintenance of the civilian aircraft. The FAA provides ratings and license for the Airframe and Powerplant mechanic. The FAA administers theory and practical tests and then issues license and appropriate ratings. The work of an aircraft mechanic involves working for extended periods requiring extensive physical effort and concentration. The responsibilities include identifying and solving maintenance operations in systems involving one or more of the various subsystems, like fluid power systems, electrical wiring and components etc. that make up the airframe of the aircraft. The job involves carrying out inspection, maintenance and documentation of all repairs,changes made etc. according to the FAA Airworthiness directives.

A good interest and knowledge in different subjects like mathematics, physics, ability to understand electrical and technical drawings are essential. Mechanical aptitude along with physical agility comes in very useful when working with machines and tools to diagnose problems and perform repairs. Ability to use measurement tools and perform accurate work are also essential. Maintaining proper documentation according to FAA directives is also very important. Most repairs and maintenance jobs require working in teams and ability to clearly communicate with other team members is important. The work involves physical labor as well long hours of concentration as airframe maintenance needs to performed meticulously and accurately. The hard work and skill results in good wages and the utmost satisfaction of having made air travel safer and reliable.

The airframe mechanics find employment at various commercial airlines and aircraft manufacturers. The airframe mechanics gain experience and license ratings for specific types of aircraft. There are numerous possibilities depending on the experience and skill.

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Catering Management – Online Jobs,Catering and Culinary Degrees

Catering Management – Career in the Hospitality Industry

An exciting career in the hospitality industry-catering and culinary management

Catering industry a booming sector in the field of hospitality where the services are not limited to serving food and preparation. With the increasing popularity of catering services for various kinds of occasions, this sector is getting more advanced with their culinary skills and techniques. Degree in culinary management or catering management will be a right option for the individuals who have a great interest in working as a part of hospitality industry. Don’t think that catering management means only cooking and serving mouth-watering delicious food, they provide a wide range of services such as setting up meal area, making guest arrangements, handing over menu and many more.

Catering companies always need efficient culinary management skills to implement new strategies and plans. Since culinary management programs focus more on management issues, human resources and safety standards, it acts as a core of catering industry. Based on the nature of serving and offered industry, catering services are categorized into different types.

Employee feeding: It is a catering service in which food services are provided to the employees of a business sector. It may be either self-operated or contract basis catering service. Automatic vending, trolley service, cafeteria etc. are some of the employee feeding catering methods.

Welfare catering: Catering services offered in sectors such as education, health care and social care institutions. Most of these catering services will be sponsored by some non-profit organizations or human service associations.

Travel catering: As the name indicates, it is for the people on move or the people who are travelling. Since there are different ways in transportation, catering are also offered aircraft, road, ships and trains.

Outside and social catering: These catering services are related to events, parties and other special occasions. It may be either contracted or speculative, depending on the nature of the event.

Fast food and take away: Fast foods have changed the life style of fast-paced modern society. According to the report of National Restaurant Association, fast food catering industry sales were worth around $142 billion in 2006 and were expected to rise.

Catering services and culinary management degrees are offered by various prestigious culinary schools. The academic curriculum, which focuses on providing an excellent education and an opportunity to understand emerging trends in industry, may open up diverse career opportunities. So take the first step towards a rewarding career.

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Managing small businesses – Business schools,Online Business Courses,Online Degree

Managing small businesses – Business schools,Online Business Courses,Online Degree

Managing small businesses, shades of challenges in management science…
Remember your interest in guitars?Bicycles? Ever dreamed of opening your own workshop? Do you love motorcycles and want to start your own business in selling custom made motorcycles? Want tostart a business in mail order glass beads? Whatever your dream is, do you want to start a small business? If you arewondering how to start your business and are excited about the opportunity, then a course in small business management may just be for you. After enrolling in a course for small business management, you study and understand the use of computers in business as well as you work on your marketing and sales approach. You understand the implications of law pertaining to your small business. You understand the financial aspects involved in starting your dream business. On the basis of this information you could seek financing options from possible investors. Today the field of technology and webdevelopment is attracting a lot of talented and young developers to start their own business. These start ups need active , dynamic young people with a thorough understanding of managing a small business. You could start your own business with friends and family. You could achieve your dreams while managing and working at a small business.

The government supports businessgrowth and prosperity by providing loans specifically for the small businesses.The deteriorating economic conditions in the country, tough competition for jobs and sudden layoffs at many major organizations have made many people across the nation,young and old, willing to start an ‘act two’. They are willing to start over ina new field and in being independent. A degree in small business management will also help you understand the stages involved in planning, starting and running a small business.

The world of small business management studies can open a career path to the exciting life of being your own boss.

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Creating a comic book

Comic book arts

We have seen various comic books proliferating in the market. As children we all have indulged in comic books. But have you ever wondered how these comic books are created? Let us dwell into the complex world of creating a comic book. As happens with every book, first an idea is to be created and discussed by the comic book writer. Once the story has been finalized, the individual dialogues are written so as to ensure that the words used are simple and minimum, so that children and young people can understand. Once the characters are created, storyline is developed and plots are discussed, the job of the comic book illustrator starts.

A comic book illustrator’s job is most crucial as they have to depict the scene in a most interesting fashion and keep the readers riveted to the comic books. ‘A picture depicts a thousand words’ is the principle used by the comic book illustrator to depict the various scenes and characters. First, a rough sketch is made and after completing a series of rough sketches, the final draft for a particular scene is produced.

These drawings are pencil drawings and are sent to the editor for approval. An editor may make changes in the narrative, or may suggest changes in the pictures or dialogue balloons depending on the situation and thus ensures that the pictures match the dialogues, narrative and pictures. Now comes the vital role of the inker.

 The inker is responsible for inducting life into the pencil drawings by filling colors, shades, shadows, separating foreground from background, adding special effects to the images, etc. all this makes the comic book as what we see it and thus makes it attractive for the readers. The final results will show the pictures as they should be in the form of their own distinctive style, unique fonts in the dialogue balloons and every detail comes alive in the comic’s imagery.

Nowadays, computers are used to create variety of special effects on the images and to store and retrieve the images for future editions of the same comic book.  Then a proof copy of the final finished product is printed and sent for approval. After the final approval is granted, several thousand copies are printed at one go as per the demand and we get to see the final product at the bookshop nearby.

Comic books have made an enormous impact on our popular culture. Various comic book characters such as Spiderman, Superman, GI Joe, Transformers, X-men, etc. have jumped from the comic book strips to the movie screens. The world of comic books is extremely delightful and one that inculcates color, sense of purpose and a mission to both the creator as well as the reader. By giving you a glimpse of the making of a comic book, we hope you will appreciate the labor which is required to produce them and  get these comic books in the  market. 

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