What Will 2013 Bring For Education?

As the time is passing, we all have witnessed many changes and many things have changed since past few decades. There has been a lot of change since the inception of internet and web. People’s way of living and doing things has changed. Life; in short has evolved in past few years. But what lies ahead? What is next? After so many things have changed, what else remains to be seen?

In this article we will see the impact of these changes on education, we will also discuss that whether the changes on education has been good or bad and further what impact can be seen on education in year 2013. The first thing we need to analyze is that what impact education had gone through. 

The impact on education has been that the importance of education has increased; many private schools and colleges are coming up and the competition to get in a good college in immense. Students try really hard to get in a good college, and once they get in they struggle hard to remain in college. Many students do part time job along with the studies and this is the reason that many students are not able to complete their college. Despite of the fact that they have financial burden on them, teachers are coming up with stricter guidelines and by giving them lengthy custom coursework, they make matters worse for them.

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