Executive MBA

OVERVIEW : Executive MBA students typically have an experience of ten years or more. It is considerably more than the normal MBA students are. To regulate the growing number of executive MBA programs, they formed Executive MBA council in the year 1981.
JOB DESCRIPTION :The curriculum of Executive MBA program is vigorous and unique. The students come from a variety of backgrounds and even nationalities. They bring with them a unique set of experience specializing in a particular field of business management discussion. During the course of study, students benefit a lot from the wealth of accumulated experience, wisdom and depth that their fellow classmates bring to the classroom environment.

 Master’s Degrees

Executive MBA students are already working and established in their respective fields in the business sector. 
Advancement opportunities may increase for individuals who are working in jobs.

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MBA – Leadership & Influence

“Be a leader, not a follower : Get influenced by MBA-leadership & influence”

Leadership is a quality, which enforces a candidate to possess a basic potential of becoming a good manager first and then slowly and gradually develops a space of a good leader in him/her.

MBA -Leadership and Influence is the concept designed to let the students understand the combination or importance both of the topics have. Leaders in field of MBA are those who know how to guide people, how to show them the right path and most probably, how to enter in field of masters ruling the ups and downs of market and budgets of finance management.

A person can influence others on the basis of his leadership quality. A person should be influenced by famous leader to be able to provide the same influence to others who aim to do MBA in the field of Leadership and Influence.

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MBA – Healthcare Management

A hospital necessarily is not run by the best of the doctors but a group professionally qualified managers and they are armed with professional qualifications in healthcare management which has of late turned to be a buzz word among the people practicing management science. Even though the medical professionals are always seen and interacted with the patients and their families and friends, these set of management professionals are mostly behind the curtain.

In addition to the inclination of entering into the rapidly expanding healthcare industry which also has been witnessing stiff competitions among the entities in the trade and also a constant supervision of the federal agencies to ensure things go well with the patients and their families, one also needs to have the ability to team up with groups of doctors, nurses, medical assistants, pathologists and other such technically qualified employees of the organization which finally helping the healthcare manager to run the administration smoothly.

Always wanted to be a doctor or a nurse but could not really make it: then a bachelors degree or a masters in healthcare management can really help you serve the society at a large as well as doing some good work for the people around you whom you always wished to help. A variety of challenges every other day, every morning something new, interactions with bunch of experts from the medical field and subsequent rewards-all are part of today’s healthcare management, a segment which may even help changing lives of thousands of people when it comes to create policies and laws related to healthcare issues.

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Master of Business Administration / Management

“If you are interested in the administration part of the business where leadership skills and organizational skills matters most, then this study program will…”

Business can be found in every sector of world so that there is always a need of administrative professionals to run that business successfully. 


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Aviation management – Management Degree,Online MBA Schools,MBA College

Aviation Schools,Career in Aviation Management, Online Aviation Programs

Millions of passengers fly to their destinations every year. The Aviation management professionals are employed at airports in management and administration. Some choose to work for corporations and some choose to work for private operators. The professionals in the field of aviation management carry out various administrative responsibilities, depending on the situation. The job responsibilities involve planning and allocation of flight operations and maintenance employees. They ensure that all federal and state regulation laws are followed during all operations.

The manager is also responsible for the maintaining inter departmental communication. They coordinate and plan emergency procedures. They plan and implement emergency procedures for bad weather conditions e.g. heavy snow, hurricanes etc. They ensure the safety of the passengers, airport premises and equipment. Excellent communication skills, ability to work under pressure, emergencies, short term and long term planning are required. The ability to understand and follow aviation law and policy are also very important. Depending on the job role they work with maintaining coordination with air traffic control, cargo management, external relations and customer service. It is an exciting opportunity to learn and excel at the job role that suits your talent, education and aptitude. 

The course work in Aviation management involves the following subjects from diverse fields. It involves extensive study of aviation safety, air traffic control management, flight operations, operations research, financial management, calculus, statistics, computer operations, business law,marketing and economics, planning and management of human resource in a security sensitive environment. After gaining experience and knowledge the aviation management personnel opt for higher education within their specialized field of operation. Depending on the education level, aptitude, communication and interpersonal skills the aviation managers progress in their careers.

The jobs involve some relocation as more jobs are available at major airports across the country. The business of aviation is conducted twenty four hours a day, round the year. Aviation managers work in shifts and in teams to ensure the safety and to conduct the management operations in a timely and proficient manner. The aviation managers work extended hours and under pressure in case of weather related emergencies. However, they work hard so people can safely get to their destinations on time. 



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