Legal and Law Enforcement

Making a career in Legal and Law Enforcement fields is most pertinent for the society today due to emphasis on crime prevention.

Professions in this field include Lawyers, FBI agents, Police officers, U.S. Marshal, Forensic scientist, State Trooper, Customs agents, Secret Service agents and more. Thus making your career in Legal and Law Enforcement encompasses distinctive career paths with a great scope for specializations and an inclination towards public service. 

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Law Enforcement/Police

OVERVIEW : Agencies like Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or U.S. DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) keep adding manpower to their existing forces. This manpower is to meet requirements on the wake of new threats coming from various external agencies and these days mostly from terrorism aspect.
JOB DESCRIPTION : The job as you understand seeing those men in uniform every time you are out on the street is hectic, stressful and sometimes may be considered as less-rewarding in comparison to a typical corporate job.
DEGREES OFFERED : Though there is no specific degree offered to aspiring students to get them into law enforcement agencies but high school diplomas or degrees in a range of subjects from political science, criminology to chemistry may help to be preferred, though it solely depends on the recruiting agency.



OVERVIEW :  Laws are integral for a society to function properly and make it orderly and civilized. Requirements of becoming a lawyer include completing four year college degree, three years of law school and passing a written bar examination.
JOB DESCRIPTION : Lawyers have to present the facts of the case in written or orally to the client or others and argue on their behalf. Lawyers specialize according to the specialty of law which they choose to pursue.

Associate’s Degrees (Legal studies, Paralegal) 

Bachelor’s Degrees (Legal studies)  Master’s Degrees   

Doctorate Programs (Juris Doctor (JD), Scientiae Juridicae Doctor or J.S.D. or in English Doctor of Judicial Science)
JOB OUTLOOK : Job prospects are expected to be good for the law school graduates with diverse career options in different fields. However, to have advancement in this career, aspirants should have a law examination of the bar in that particular state.For More Information On Law,

Criminal Justice is an Exciting Career Choice

OVERVIEW : Criminal Justice is an exciting career choice. This career is for individuals committed to the social cause. It offers many career opportunities. It deals with providing protection for the civilians, enforcing law and order within society, crime prevention and crime investigation.Criminal Justice professionals work in various job roles.There exist various specializations in career choices.

ELIGIBILITY : The eligibility condition for criminal justice program differs considerably. Most jobs in the field of criminal justice require specialized training. Excellent physical condition and fitness are also essential to perform job roles in criminal justice sector.
JOB DESCRIPTION : Many job opportunities like parole officer, crime scene investigator, correctional officers, forensic scientists and many more exist in criminal justice sector. They provide protection for civilians, enforcing law & order and crime prevention. According to the U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics, the job growth in this career is estimated to be good with high salary range.
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Police – Law Enforcement Jobs and Career Information

“Law Enforcement broadly refers to any system by which some members of society act in an organized manner to promote adherence to the law by discovering and p…”

Unlike a typical job in one of the government run agencies or a corporate where recruitment mostly depends on the demand of manpower with the levels of industrialization and also revenue generation, when it comes to law enforcement agencies or policing, the recruitment mostly depends on the attrition, retirement of existing personnel.

Depends on the agency one has been recruited and also on the aspiring individual as one may be keen to work as a uniformed police office while another may have the inclinations to work in specialized forces like Us Drug Enforcement Agency thus getting into different training centers and modules.

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