Five Easy-Start $65k Jobs

However, there are certain jobs which are high paying even if you have just completed a two year associate’s degree.

1. Radiation therapists : Radiation therapists are involved in directing a high energy radiation beam on the diseased portion of the body to destroy the harmful cells.

2. Nuclear medicine Technologists : They use the art of nuclear medicine through the safe and effective usage of radio-nuclides.

3. Dental hygienist : Dental hygienist cleans teeth, examine patients for signs of oral diseases and provide other preventive dental care.

4. Nuclear Technicians : Nuclear technicians are involved in helping physicists, engineers and other professionals in nuclear research and nuclear production.

5. Commercial Pilots : Commercial pilots fly and navigate airplanes or helicopters. They may also fly for other reasons such as charter flights, rescue operations, firefighting, aerial photography.

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Educational Technology Specialists

“Educational technology specialists work at every level of education and their main aim is to introduce and integrate use of various technological improvement…”

Educational technology specialist’s main aim is to improve the learning environment in the educational institutions by making the courses more integrated with technology so that the students get the latest and most interactive learning experience.

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Helicopter Flight – Career in Military,Military Service, online Jobs, Government Jobs

Jobs in Pilots, Online Schools, Online Services

Fly high….being a helicopter and professional flight pilot

Who wouldn’t want to soar up in the sky in a chopper and carry passengers or cargo to various places and enjoy the thrill of flying a monster machine in the sky? This is exactly what the helicopter pilots do. They do so in a variety of roles and offer us many services consequently. They work in the field of oil exploration and help find oil reserves in land or in the deep seas.

They also help in transporting equipment and manpower to and fro from the oil rigs in the deep seas. The helicopter and professional flight pilots help in the operation of the chartered flights by transporting business honchos from corner of the country to another in the shortest possible time span so that they can strike their business deals in no time. Helicopter pilots also help in the cause of environment by help managing and dousing forest fires by sprinkling huge quantities of water from the sky. These set of professionals also help in farming better by spaying insecticides and fertilizers from the air over the farms to bolster the agricultural production. One other area in which helicopter pilots work is in the area of news gathering.

They help news correspondents reach the scene of action where the news is breaking in the shortest possible time so that we can get the real time news which is happening even at far flung places. We also get our weather forecasts and news about impending hurricanes and tornadoes through the helicopter pilots. Looking on the more pleasant side, helicopter pilots also transfer us to various tourist places which are located in areas with little or no connectivity. In the case of military services, helicopter pilots perform a variety of roles and missions. They help carrying the infantry and supplies to various areas where the military is operating and also lend support in the ground operations. In case of emergencies, they also air lift the injured soldiers from the place of action to various hospitals thus saving valuable lives. Even when disaster strikes a place and there is a huge earthquake or flood, the helicopter pilots serve to take doctors and medical professionals to the affected area also bring the supplies of food and medical supplies to the affected areas. They also rescue people who are in danger.

Thus, helicopter pilots play vital role to serve us in different areas and also help in disaster management, environment protection and performing emergency services.
Imagine yourself performing such diverse roles from serving the oil rigs to helping the agricultural production. Yes, these all jobs are performed by the helicopter pilots and they thus serve the humanity by saving lives and by providing medicines and food to the disaster struck areas. It is due to the efforts of such brave helicopter pilots that we get to rest safe in our homes while they are soaring up in the sky gathering news, weather data or transporting people or cargo.

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Claim Adjusters – A Campus Based College For Studies,Online Courses

Claim Adjusters – A Campus Based College For Studies,Online Courses

Striking a balance and finding the fact, key factors in the profession of claim adjustors

Claim adjustors have an interesting job and also a job that is quite demanding and stressful at times. They process and handle claims of people who have put up a loss before the insurance company regarding their assets and possessions. This is an important way to serve people who have lost their entire way of living due to the natural disasters like hurricanes and floods. Claim adjustors help such kind of people to get a fair adjustment of their claims so that they can have the financial resources to start a new life and rebuild their lives. Claim adjustors also have to entertain and process claims like that of car accidents. They have to determine what was the cause of the accident, who was to be blamed and what amount should be disbursed as reimbursement money. This job can be quite entertaining too and it develops one’s sense of humor when one witnesses the absurd claims that people sometimes make as the cause of their accident.

One needs to be alert while processing claims. You tend to lose on both the sides if you don’t perform your job properly. If on one hand, you pass a claim amount that is on the higher side the insurance company will not like it and may cut the extra amount from your salary. On the other hand, if you process a claim which is way below the average claimed amount, you are sure the face the ire of the claimant. Hence you have to be very meticulous in your work and have to ensure that the work you do is in the interests of both of parties, of the insurance company in which you work and in the interest of the claimant too, whose claims you process. You have hone your investigative skills and carry out investigations like what caused the car accident, whose fault it was and in this process you may have to compete with the rival insurance firms claim adjustors who may try to present a completely different picture contrary to what you have analyzed and affirmed during your investigations. You may also need to travel to the place of the accident or at the place where wide spread disaster has struck.

Thus you need to be mobile and also you need to possess a laptop computer so that you can record your observations on the site. You can choose an online or a campus based college for studies in order to be a claims adjustor. Forget the dry insurance policies knowledge and the common sense; you would also require soft skills such as communication skills and networking skills in order to be successful in your chosen profession. Most of the time, you would be working on your own, thus being your own boss. It is you who would decide how many claims you would process in a day and how much settlement would you perform in a given time frame.

 There is no external pressure and your performance is dependent only on your working style.Thus, being a claims adjustor is not only about making big bucks and earning a comfortable living. It is about helping people to rebuild their lives after a disaster has struck and making them back on their feet in the form of financial compensation they receive. Thus you can choose this lucrative career and be ready and capable to fulfill your dreams and all your aspirations.

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Wine Studies – Aromatic and Delicious Wines,Culinary College

Wine Studies – Aromatic and Delicious Wines,Culinary College

Wine Studies

In our day-to-day life, entry of new products always replace the old ones. However, you might have heard the phrase ‘old is gold’. There is one product that gets more and more sweeter with its passing ages, and that is none other than wine. History of wine production dates back to thousands of years, where it was produced by fermenting grapes.

According to the research works conducted by the archaeological departments, it was discovered that wine was produced in Georgia 8000 years ago. Wine can be considered as the most complex alcoholic beverage in the world that can be made from different grape varieties. According to the National Restaurant Association’s 2011 trends survey, the hottest alcoholic beverage trend was locally produced wine and beer. It clearly depicts that wine has just surpassed other liquor choices as the most popular alcoholic beverage. According to the report stated by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), U.S holds fourth position in the top list of wine producing countries with a production of 2,211,300 tonnes. There are some important factors related with wines.

VintageVintage mentioned in wines clearly indicate the year in which the grapes are harvested. Those grapes will be grown and harvested from a vineyard or district during one single season. 

Terroir: This French term means ‘land or earth’. The influence of geographical, geological and climatic factors of a place on the wine production is indicated here.

Appellation: It’s just like a label name that helps to identify the designated wine growing area. Best appellations of US are in California, Oregon and Washington State.

Grape variety: Different types of wines are produced from various grape varieties. It is their chemical composition that help in producing different varieties of wines.

According to a report published by the Silicon Valley bank on wine industry, the country’s wine consumption alone is projected to increase by nine percent to $23.8 billion by 2014. It means better career opportunities in the hospitality and restaurant industry. Pursuing a major in wine studies can open up job avenues in different culinary areas. The academic curriculum mainly covers topics such as traditional wine tasting methods, food and wine pairing, types of wine products and many more. So chose your culinary college now and learn to produce the most aromatic and delicious wines.