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Marine Engineering -Career in Marine Engineering, Online Jobs

Marine Schools, Engineering College, Online Programs

Sail across the beautiful sea of marine and ocean engineering

We have been exploring seas and oceans since times immemorial. Even today, seas and oceans are being explored for trade and commerce between nations, for exploration of energy resources and for scientific research purposes. Whatever the purpose maybe, the fact is oceans form an integral part of our life directly or indirectly and hence it becomes important to study the various parameters associated with it and the oceans themselves. To explore the vast oceans that are covering vast expanses of the planet, boats, ships and other vessels are needed. Marine engineers or naval architects design such boats, ships and vessels that traverse the oceans.

Marine engineering is concerned with the construction of ports and other cargo facilities and the operations of the ships and other support vessels. Thus, not only marine engineers design the ships, they also determine how to operate them. Marine engineers are responsible for selecting ships’ machinery, which may include diesel engines, steam turbines, gas turbines or nuclear reactors. Marine engineers are also responsible for the design of the mechanical, electrical, fluid and control systems throughout the vessel. Ranging from aircraft carriers to oil tankers, marine engineers design all kinds of vessels. While marine engineers may work on the machinery of the ship, naval architects work on the basic form of the ship, designing the hull and its stability. Marine engineers are responsible for conducting environmental, operational or performance tests on marine machinery and equipment. They are responsible for coordinating activities with regulatory bodies to ensure that the repairs and alterations are done safely and at minimal cost. 

Ocean engineers study the environment of the seas and the ocean and also effect of oceans on the ships, under water vessels and structures such as off shore oil rigs. Ocean engineers are also involved in deep sea exploration and may design or operate ocean platforms or sub surface vehicles. The field of ocean engineering plays a vital role in linking various disciplines related to the study of oceans such as marine biology, chemical and physical oceanography, marine geology and geophysics. The oil industry, military and marine navigation fields also require the service of ocean engineers. Some ocean engineers may be involved in remote sensing while others work on climate monitoring, environmental protection, oil recovery, underwater vehicle development or defense.

Thus, ocean engineers explore the deep seas to study the habitats and discover new life forms and study how the marine ecosystems are maintained. They are also involved in oil exploration and in searching for rare minerals and materials under the floor of the ocean. Ocean engineering is actually a mix of several branches of engineering such as mechanical, civil, electrical, acoustical and chemical engineering techniques and skills, combined with knowledge of how ocean works and its environment.

Thus, the fields of marine engineering and ocean engineering are two interesting fields which are enhancing our knowledge of the oceans and the water environment. As we are exploring more and more about oceans and knowing its implications in the fields of clean energy, enhanced trade and commerce between nations and in the area of national defense, we are getting to know its importance in our lives. Marine engineers and ocean engineers help us to understand the oceans better so that we can harness the power of the seas to our benefit.

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Mechanical Engineering – Engineering Schools,Career in Mechanical

Online Education, Online Mechanical Engineering Courses

From soda cans to that fast car…mechanical engineering is everywhere 

Have you ever wondered how they make those aluminum cans for your soda? Or how they make millions of cans in factories? Or do you ever wonder how they make the glass bottle for your favorite drink? Did you ever watch a movie and wonder if you could modify your car to run faster? Have you wondered how robots in car factories weld and paint cars? Have you ever wanted to add cooling fans to your computer so that it would run cool and smooth while you play your favorite video game? 

Do you want to design a car that runs on solar energy? Want to find Eco-friendly, renewable energy sources? Do you want redesign machines that we use every day and make them energy efficient? Do you want to study and improve how air bags save lives in an accident? 

Welcome to the field of Mechanical engineering
Everything from elevators to aircraft, from pens to satellites, from sports cars to roller coaster rides is all designed and produced by mechanical engineers. People in the field of mechanical engineering and allied sciences design and make products to make our lives comfortable.

The field of mechanical engineering is vast and there are numerous options. Typically, a four year bachelor’s degree is required for most jobs. A background in algebra, trigonometry, calculus, physics and chemistry is essential. You have to apply the principles learned in mathematics and physics in creative ways to solve problems. Mechanical engineers work in teams. They design products, prepare initial drafts, create prototypes and implement changes before finalizing the design for production. All the stages require team work, understanding and cooperation. Engineers often consider the economic viability of potential solutions, perform cost analysis and overall project planning and scheduling.

Mechanical engineers are needed from Anchorage, Alaska to Key West, Florida. The jobs can in small manufacturing units, large corporations and government agencies. They work in designing products like personal hand held computers, nuclear power plants and spacecrafts. The mechanical engineering field has also found applications in electro-mechanical equipment for the field of medicine. Examples are machines that record and display heart beats, blood dialysis and CT (Computed Tomography) Scans. 

Many mechanical engineers appear for examinations to achieve a license of Professional Engineers. Mechanical engineers are also employed by the armed forces in maintenance and of the hardware and equipment. Many work in the Navy as maintenance engineers in high tech ships, submarines and naval shipyards.

Hard work, a good deal of mathematical and scientific knowledge and creativity can open endless possibilities of lifelong learning, innovation and research.

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Flight Attendant – Online Jobs, Career in Flight Attendant

Online Study Programs, Online Degrees in Flight Attendant

See the world, speak the global language, add the glamor, be a cabin crew

Opportunity to see the world at no expenses, glitz and glamour, luxury living styles and experience different foreign cultures– you might be thinking that we are talking about any film celebrities.

Whenever we hear the word flight attendant, then most of them will visualize a picture of a beautiful lady walking in a stylish way through the airport with the wheeling travel bag behind. But the job responsibilities of a flight attendant are not limited in serving food and instructing the passengers. They are an important part of the cabin crew of an airline, who ensures the safety and security of passengers. If we turn the pages of history, then we can find that flight attendants were known as stewardesses. It was Ellen church and seven other single women got the first entry to this career in 1930. United Airlines hired those eight stewardesses in their cabin crew. But the situations have changed now. The Civil Right Act of 1964 gave some new dimensions to this job, by removing the discrimination of race, sex, age, or marital status factors for this occupation. This act marked the entry of men into this job industry which changed the career name stewardesses into flight attendants.

If you are passionate about travelling and seeing the world, then flight attendant career may be a right option. Even though a high school diploma or GED serves as an eligibility requirement for flight attendants, a college degree in hospitality, public relations, tourism etc can give you an edge in the job competition. In addition to the educational requirements, there are some other set of qualifications to be possessed by candidate.

Some of them are foreign language fluencies, physical standards and medical evaluation. Certifications for flight attendants are offered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which is necessary for initiating your career. But it may be given only upon the successful completion of training provided by airline companies. During training sessions you will be trained in management, medical and technical skills. You will learn how to handle highly stressful situations such as hijackings, land or sea disasters etc. Don’t forget that flight attendants should be friendly, patient and punctual. That’s why we can say that flight attendant jobs are a lifestyle that offers great deal of excitement.

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Psychology and Child Studies – Online Study Programs, Psychology Schools

Child Study Programs, Online Education

Reading the minds, understanding the hearts and making the world beautiful to live in…psychologists at work

Why do people behave in the manner they do? What is the root cause of a particular behaviorial pattern of an individual? How do infants develop their sense of perception and language? The answers to all these questions lie in psychology.

Psychology is the study of our though processes and discusses the reasons behind our actions subsequent to ouir thoughts. Psychology dwells deep inside the mind of humans and unlocks its secrets of how it functions. Psychology is the key to human mind and its functioning. In today’s age of cut throat competition and race for survival, mental tensions and emotional problems are bound to increase. There are various reasons for the way we all behave. It depends on our upbringing, the way we sense things, the way our social, economic and cultural atmosphere is and a number of other factors. Genetics and education also play a vital role in the way our psychological makeup is created. So it is important that we understand all these factors that make up our psyche and make us behave in the way we do. This is the job done by psychologists.

Child psychology similarly deals with children and the emotional and psychological problems that they face. They get affected easily due to social and family situations. Thus, they mould the thinking process of children who are in their formative years and help them resolve the issues which they might have. Child psychologists also deal with children ranging from the age group of 8-14 and guide them for various behavioral problems, learning issues and counseling students and their families. This is a very noble and important cause since children are the future citizens of tomorrow and they need proper guidance and mentorship and someone to resolve their problems and issues so that become better citizens.

In order to become a psychologist one needs a master’s degree and a doctorate is desirable. Also, practicing psychologists need a license or certification. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage of psychologists was $68,640 in May 2010. Thus, psychologists play an important role in developing an understanding of the human mind and the way it functions. It can be quite an exciting career option for someone interested in this subject and there are many career options to choose from like counseling psychologists, developmental psychologists, neuropsychologists, school psychologists, social psychologists, etc. Thus, one can choose from a diverse range of subjects and specializations and excel in this chosen field.

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Sociology – Sociologists Study Programs, Online Education

Traditional Programs, Degrees in Sociology

Sociology is the scientific study of the society. Sociologists study the various groups, religions, sects, languages, social institutions and processes that help people develop. They collect information about various social issues and stances different groups of people take on different issues based on their leanings and social values. Thus, sociologists study the processes of evolution of various social groups and theories and ideologies. They study how social influences affect various groups of people and individuals. Sociologists study the various phenomenons associated with the society and its evolution, the genesis and percolation of social theories in the society. They can therefore be considered as barometers of human behavior collectively.

A recently published report of Bureau of Labor Statistics states that sociologists typically need a master’s degree or Ph.D. There are two types of sociology master’s degree programs: traditional programs and applied, clinical, and professional programs. Traditional programs prepare students to enter a Ph.D. program. Applied, clinical, and professional programs prepare students to enter the professional workplace, teaching them the necessary analytical skills to perform sociological research in a professional setting. The median annual wage of sociologists was $72,360 in May 2010.

Thus, the work of sociologists is essential in understanding the society as a whole and understanding its strengths and weaknesses, its needs and areas where it needs support. Sociologists are required for understanding the direction of Government programs and where the thrust of Government programs should be so that desired results can be achieved and social upliftment occurs. In order to prioritize the spending of Government on issues such as health, gender development, literacy, etc. the insight of sociologists is required. They help the Government to decide on which particular sections of the society should be targeted for such programs and thus helping the needy to get proper aid and support.

If you decide to become a sociologist, be prepared to deal with such issues in detail and be a witness to the evolution of the society and its various implications on the social, economic and political conditions of the nation. Sociologists must be able to read the pulse of the society so that they can recognize where it is changing and where it is showing its evolution. Thus, to be a sociologist is to read the trends of the society, systematically gather information and research the gathered data into valuable insights into the society we live in. We make up the society and the society makes us, meaning there is a two way interaction going on between the individuals who constitute the society and the society itself. To understand this interaction and use that information and understanding in the betterment of the society is the ultimate goal of the sociologist

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Aviation Quality Control -Aviation Schools, Aviation Management

Online Education,Online Jobs,Aviation Porgrams

On 12 August 1985, 520 passengers were killed when a Japan Air Lines Boeing 747 crashed near Mount Fuji after takeoff from Tokyo on a domestic flight. The rupture of an aft bulkhead, which had undergone faulty repairs following a mishap seven years earlier, caused the destruction of part of the airplane’s tail and rendered the jet uncontrollable.

A JAL maintenance supervisor later committed suicide, while the president of the airline resigned, accepting full responsibility for the crash – Main cause: Negligent maintenance. Scary, isn’t it. But today, of the thousands of flights that take off and land every day, the above listed incident doesn’t happen. Here begins the role of the good old aviation quality control engineers. They help in maintaining the quality control in the design, manufacture and maintenance of an aircraft and ensure that all the parts and each and every system of the aircraft are functioning properly. This not only ensures a safe flying machine in the sky but also ensures us that we are safe flying in an aircraft while the aviation quality control engineers are present. Each and every part which is fitted on an airplane goes through stringent quality control measures. Defects are not tolerated and only one hundred percent quality checked parts are fitted in the aircraft. Similarly, in the day to day maintenance of the air plane, quality control is absolutely essential and ensures that each and every part of the aircraft is working properly before the air plane can fly again.

Thus, systems like landing gears, hydraulics of an air plane, avionics and mechanical systems of the air craft are checked thoroughly before the air craft is allowed to take off. This ensures the safety of the crew as well as passengers and helps to avoid air disasters 

The federal aviation authority has got many rules and regulations which are bound to be followed by all the airlines operating passenger and cargo aircraft and also military aircraft so that there is no problem mid air when the air craft is in operation and an air disaster does not occur due to the faulty maintenance of the air craft. Thus, the role of aviation quality control is very important in striving for safe sky and preventing tragic air crashes. For more information on aviation quality control, please visit

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