MBA – Financial Analysis

OVERVIEW : In past performance, financial ratios of past five years of the same firm are compared. In future performance, financial ratios are compared using statistical techniques, including present and future values. 
JOB DESCRIPTION :  Queries related to money management, they clarify investment plans, education expenses and retirement savings. Whenever there is a need for consultation for an economic issue, financial analysts may offer assistance for the firms.
DEGREES OFFERED : Master’s Degrees
Job prospects in the financial services are good for the entry-level professionals. A bachelor’s degree in finance or economics may help to find the job in the business field. 
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Financial Planning

OVERVIEW : Financial planning is all about managing the money and other resources in the organization with an outlook.
Financial Planning
JOB DESCRIPTION : Financial managers administer the financial sector of the business organization by analyzing the transaction information and reports. They have to prepare reports about the financial activities on each business procedures.

Job prospects in the financial services are good for the entry-level professionals. A bachelor’s degree in finance or economics may help to find the job in the business field. 

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Acquisition and Contract Management

OVERVIEW : We measure nation’s economical wellness by the growth of economic enterprise in the nation. Management education enables you to operate different business organizations efficiently. They are Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management and many others.

JOB DESCRIPTION : As the competition in business sector is turning out to be so tough, every organization is implementing new strategies. The acquisitions analysts and the contract manager draft and review the conditions and policies in the contract. They clearly examine sales analysis, cost pricing, risk assessment to ensure that organizations accept all the terms.

DEGREES OFFERED :   Associate’s Degrees   Bachelor’s Degrees

Master’s Degrees    Certificate  Doctorate Programs  PhD Programs

EXPECTED JOB GROWTH : Five percent job growth for top executives including executives with expertise in acquisition and contract management according to Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Business – Find, Compare and Research B2B Vendors

OVERVIEW : Like your wellness is calculated by the pulse rate, a nation’s economical wellness is measured by the growth of economic enterprise in the nation. Due to the increasing importance and relevance of management knowledge, the market provides huge collection of courses such as Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Operations Management, International Business Management, Hotel Management and Hospitality as well as Event Management.


ELIGIBILITY : Students after concluding their high school education can opt for undergraduate/graduate course in management education. The course is offered by many well known and accredited universities. However, few top colleges expect the students to clear an entrance test. 

JOB PROSPECTS : Management education has a promising future offering enhanced career prospects attracting the youth force. A management student may get remuneration which ranges from $50,000 to $60,000 yearly. Once they grow in their profession and get position of business manager then their regular pay may increase to $130,000 to $140,000 yearly.
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Accounting – Payroll Administrator Career School Diploma Summary

“Accounting/Payroll Administrator job is one of the excellent career in business world with great skills and proficiencies in financial management and account…”

Eligibility: Accounting and payroll administrator have to finance and process all the payroll information of the employees. The calculation of wages paid for the labors according to their rate of work and maintaining ledger accounts are performed by them.

Job Prospects: It is one of the lucrative career options in the business industry where the need of accounting and payroll administrators are always high in demand. The salary ranges of the accountant professionals are getting higher with their experience in the field. So the job prospects are observed to be good for the entry level professionals with sound knowledge in the computerized systems and new trends in the accounting.

Expected Job Growth: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that employment opportunities for payroll and time keeping clerks will decline by five percent during 2008 to 2018.

Payroll transactions, maintaining the records of the working hours of each employee in an organization, processing of tax rates according to the government regulations are the man job responsibilities.

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