Operations Management

OVERVIEW : Operation management jobs are gaining more demand as they can handle all the department activities in a firm. All the operations are coordinated and controlled by these professionals in an efficient manner.

JOB DESCRIPTION : Operation research analysts mostly work with the databases and other computer software of the organization to develop advanced techniques. Most of the professionals work with the top-level executives in designing and developing new business plans.

DEGREES OFFERED : Associate’s Degrees   Bachelor’s Degrees   

Master’s Degrees   Doctorate Programs     

          PhD Programs     Certificate

Operation management professionals may find better job prospects as they can handle multiple job roles in organization. A bachelor’s degree in business disciplines may help in initiating the career.

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Executive MBA

OVERVIEW : Executive MBA students typically have an experience of ten years or more. It is considerably more than the normal MBA students are. To regulate the growing number of executive MBA programs, they formed Executive MBA council in the year 1981.
JOB DESCRIPTION :The curriculum of Executive MBA program is vigorous and unique. The students come from a variety of backgrounds and even nationalities. They bring with them a unique set of experience specializing in a particular field of business management discussion. During the course of study, students benefit a lot from the wealth of accumulated experience, wisdom and depth that their fellow classmates bring to the classroom environment.

 Master’s Degrees

Executive MBA students are already working and established in their respective fields in the business sector. 
Advancement opportunities may increase for individuals who are working in jobs.

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Business Management

OVERVIEW : Effective management is the fundamental driving force behind success of every organization. They allocate resources such as machinery, labor and investment capital in an efficient way.
JOB DESCRIPTION : Management processes act as a catalyst in a business organization. It improves the productivity and maximizes the profit. It works on the five basic principles: planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling. A well motivated workforce results in progress and enhanced productivity within the organization. The supervisory level personnel assign tasks, report work status and process payroll information as part of their day to day activities.
DEGREES OFFERED : Associate’s Degrees   Bachelor’s Degrees   
JOB OUTLOOK : Job prospects are found to be good for candidates with great communication skills and excellent organizational skills. Administrators with business knowledge, ability to implement and plan strategy for sales progress in their job roles and achieve financial rewards.
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Business Economics

OVERVIEW : Economics deals with the overall money management and resources in an organization. It includes marketing, budgeting, financial planning, production and manufacturing.
JOB DESCRIPTION : Some of the specializations are Econometricians, Financial economists, Industrial organization economists, International economists, Labor economists, Macroeconomists and monetary economists and Micro economists. The main job responsibility of the actuaries is to analyze the business plans for estimating the probabilities of risk.
JOB OUTLOOK : Since the business world is always in demand, job prospects are expected to be good. Educational requirements, great analytical skills, strong critical skills and good mathematical skills are taken into consideration.
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Business – Find, Compare and Research B2B Vendors

OVERVIEW : Like your wellness is calculated by the pulse rate, a nation’s economical wellness is measured by the growth of economic enterprise in the nation. Due to the increasing importance and relevance of management knowledge, the market provides huge collection of courses such as Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Operations Management, International Business Management, Hotel Management and Hospitality as well as Event Management.


ELIGIBILITY : Students after concluding their high school education can opt for undergraduate/graduate course in management education. The course is offered by many well known and accredited universities. However, few top colleges expect the students to clear an entrance test. 

JOB PROSPECTS : Management education has a promising future offering enhanced career prospects attracting the youth force. A management student may get remuneration which ranges from $50,000 to $60,000 yearly. Once they grow in their profession and get position of business manager then their regular pay may increase to $130,000 to $140,000 yearly.
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E-commerce can be an Exciting Career option with a dash of Biz Management

“Business Management: E-commerce can be an Exciting Career option with a dash of Biz Management…”

Today, in the fast growing technology oriented market, e-commerce has established itself as a viable and a reliable way of conducting business. To put it in simple terms, e-commerce means buying or selling of various products over the World Wide Web. With the widespread growth of the internet, the volume of trade through e-commerce has grown exponentially over the years.

E-commerce has become a trend which is fast catching up as a way of life in many societies around the world. Depending upon the type and number of parties involved, e-commerce can be divided into models such as B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Consumer), C2B (Consumer to Business) and C2C (Consumer to Consumer). B2B or Business to Business model is largest form of e-commerce. In this type of model, companies sell various products and services to each other in the same manner as manufacturers sell to distributors and wholesalers selling to retailers. 

In B2C or Business to Consumer type of e-commerce model, the business or companies are selling to consumers directly with help of online catalogues. 
This is the model which the layman has in mind when he thinks of e-commerce. B2C type of model helps us to buy a latest book on the internet, book a trip for the entire family to some exotic destination, buy a latest configured laptop, all through the World Wide Web, without human interaction. 

In C2B or consumer to business type of e-commerce model, the consumer posts his requirement and budget on the internet for getting a particular type of service and then businesses respond with their respective bids and the consumer is free to choose amongst the bidders which satisfies all his requirements and fits in his budget too. There are many advantages of e-commerce. It has helped the consumer to get a variety of services and goods 24X7 without having to move physically and also has helped to transcend geographical boundaries.

E-commerce has helped to bring variety to the consumers and they get cost effective and variety of goods at the competitive price over the internet. E-commerce has revolutionized the idea of setting up and operating a business and has increased the reach of business, thus giving direct benefits to the consumers. 

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A Field with a Robust Growth and Endless Possiblities

“Business Management – A Field with a Robust Growth and Endless Possiblities…”

Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them, these words are from renowned entrepreneur Paul Hawken. No human activity, be it associations, family, organizations, can be attained effectively without a thought of management. Increasing competition in business world and the pressure on organizations to boost the efficiency at all level clearly states the importance of an effective management. Since the productivity of every business is affected by the management factors, there is an increasing demand for qualified and skilled managerial professionals. 

So a degree in business management or business administration with major in management will be a right career choice for the aspiring individuals. There are some important aspects that one should know before enrolling into abusiness management degree. Management is all about directing people and organization towards the goal. Leadership skills play an inevitable role in managerial positions. They have to motivate the employees and make them feel inspired about their work. Managerial staffs should have sound knowledge in the technology and latest advancements to keep up the pace with the fast corporate world. All levels of management require a combination of conceptual, human relations, and technical skills.

A degree in business management opens up vast career options in diverse fields. So you have to decide from where to start your career. There are so many choices such as human resources, sales and marketing, finance, production and technology. Even you have options in selecting the type of organization which includes business for profit, not-for-profit and government sectors. Online and campus programs are offered by the prestigious business schools, but most of the employers require the professionals with certain amount of work experience. Hence you should start working from the bottom level of an organization.

However you need to gain the skills and education to get into the job market that will be available mostly through excellent academic institutions. So start now and walk towards your smart career.

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