Health Care and Medical Services

OVERVIEW :  Health care includes all types of services of medical professionals, who will help in analysis, treatment or prevention, of any kind of physical or mental injuries or sickness. The market also contains an individual’s spending on drugs and drug requirements.

ELIGIBILITY :  After concluding your High School degree you need to obtain a four year bachelor’s level in the areas of biology or chemistry. Pre-medical institution is always an important stage allowing you to secure higher grades, with requirement of minimum 3.5 GPA. Scoring higher results in MCAT (Medical Common Entrance Test) is essential to secure your admission into a good institution of medicine.

JOB DESCRIPTION :  Health care industry offers several career options available after a medical degree like nurse, family and general practitioner, specialist, surgeon, medical Assistant and medical administrative jobs. A generalist’s wage would range from $180,000 to $190,000 while the professional can earn attractive sum of $310,000 to $320,000 yearly.


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