Five High-Paying, Low Stress Jobs

However, jobs should be selected on the basis of one’s ability and inclination, and being low stress or high stress should be a secondary matter. Let’s talk here about such kind of jobs that are low stress and yet high paying, who knows, perhaps you may find your panacea.

1. Optometrist : An optometrist examines eyes and other body parts related to vision. They advice either eye lenses or glasses. They also perform vision checks. Doctor of Optometry program and a state license are necessary.

2. Materials scientists :  In applied research, material scientists develop new products or processes, or improve the existing ones, often using the knowledge gained from basic research. A bachelor’s degree in chemistry is necessary.

3. Economist : They perform complex mathematical and statistical calculations to get various derivations out of their economic theories. They study historical trends to make forecasts. A bachelor’s degree is a necessity.

4. Aeronautical Engineer : They are also involved in designing propulsion systems for aircrafts. They must have at least a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering.

5. Industrial Designers : They work on enhancing the user experience in using a particular product which is optimized for cost and efficiency for production. A bachelor’s degree is required for most entry-level jobs.

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