Top 10 Recession Proof Jobs

A recession proof job can be defined as such kind of job whose demand remains high even in the times of recession.

1. Medical professionals : Also, during the times of recession, as the family and public stress levels increase, public health may suffer more. Hence, a career in healthcare is always in demand. Thus, jobs of nurses, physical therapists and physicians are poised to do better even in a bad economy.

2. Mental health providers : Psychologists and other therapists may be in high demand during the times of recession. Not surprisingly, it has been observed that divorce rate increases during the times of economic hardships, and hence the demand for marriage counselors also increases.

3. Energy : Even though people would tend to become more conscious in conserving energy during the times of recessions, its demand never ceases. People need fuel for heating their homes or for transportation.

4. Law Enforcement : However, the effects of recession has touched even the jobs of law enforcement personnel considering there were layoffs of police officers due to federal and state budget cuts.

5. Internet professionals : Hence, there is an increased demand for website designers, search engine optimization (SEO) experts, programmers and social media marketers.

6. College professor : Hence, the job of a college professor is in demand even during the times of recession.

7. Senior care providers : Nursing homes are continuing to look for staff that can provide service to such old age people irrespective of economic conditions.

8. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians : Also, as more and more people are prescribed antidepressants and other stress-relieving medications, in order to cope up with tough times, the job of pharmacists would continue to be in demand.

9. Information Technology staff  : Even though some of the jobs may be outsourced, there are a number of online jobs available for IT professionals. The median annual wage of computer programmers was $71,380 in May 2010.

10. International business professionals : Businesses are also outsourcing their work to international markets which offer competitive prices in order to cut costs and make their businesses more streamlined.

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