7 Emerging Jobs

The list is compiled from various federal sources including published data of Bureau of Labor Statistics. Hence, you may like to consider these jobs if they are matching your inclination, interest and capabilities. 

Biomedical engineers (62 percent expected growth) : Biomedical engineers need typically a bachelor’s degree to enter into the profession from an accredited institution.

Physical therapist assistants (46 percent expected growth) : Physical therapist assistants are involved in the direct care of patients and also perform supplementary tasks like cleaning and setting up of the treatment area, moving patients and clerical tasks.

Meeting, convention and event planners (44 percent expected growth) : They choose meeting locations, arrange transportation and coordinate other details. They coordinate every detail of events, from starting to the end. They have to do all the work related with the event before the meeting starts, during the meeting and even after the meeting.

Diagnostic medical sonographers (44 percent expected growth) : Diagnostic medical sonographers need an associate’s degree or a post secondary certificate to start a career in this field. Professional certification is also required.

Interpreters and translators (42 percent expected growth) : Interpreters convert information from one spoken language to another. They communicate back and forth amongst people who do not share the same language and help them in communicating and put forward their ideas.

Market research analysts and marketing specialists (41 percent expected growth) : They gather information about consumer demographics, preferences, needs and buying habits. They also determine the position of the company in the market by researching their competitors and their prices and analyzing their sales and marketing methods.

Marriage and family therapists (41 percent expected growth) : They apply cognitive behavioral therapy and a goal oriented approach which helps their subjects to overcome harmful thoughts, beliefs and feelings and replace them with positive, life enhancing ones. They address issues such as low self esteem, stress, addiction and substance abuse.

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