Top 10 High Paying Jobs

There are so many professions that will offer you a six-figure salary. The high paying jobs consists of the fields in healthcare, legal, and technological innovation.

1. Physicians & Surgeons : Healthcare industry is first in the place for offering lucrative and rewarding professions. After getting educated with advanced degrees and internships of long duration from the medical schools, they start working towards saving the lives.

2. Chief Executives : Bill gates, Larry Ellison, Mark Zuckerberg-they are some of the richest people in U.S listed by the Forbes Magazine. They all are the chief executives of fortune 500 companies.

3. Dentists : Healthcare profession once again tops in the list and this time it is the dentistry. Depending on the specialties, they offer treatment for the patients.

4. Judges, magistrate judges and magistrates : With the increasing crime rates and scandals, legal system plays an important role in maintaining the law and order of the nation. In addition to the law degree, they require a considerable amount of work experience as a lawyer after that they are appointed as judges or magistrates.  

5. Architectural and engineering managers : Architectural and engineering managers are among the top paid occupation in the engineering field. They focus in planning, coordinating and directing the activities in architecture and engineering to ensure proper functioning.

6. Podiatrists : Completion of postgraduate degree of 4 years and then medical and surgical residency of 3 years make students eligible for the podiatric license exams which paves the way for their career.  

7. Natural Sciences Managers : Every nation is focusing more on their research and development sections in diverse fields. After years of experience, they are promoted to the managerial positions.

8. Computer and Information Systems managers : Since computers and information technology dominate the world, top paid occupations can be found in this sector. Computer and Information systems managers will be in charge for coordinating all the computer-related activities in an organization.

9. Petroleum Engineers : Extraction of Oil and gas is one of the most important tasks in the fast paced world. The petroleum engineers are paid the highest salary for designing and developing methods for extracting the petroleum products from the earth’s surface.

10. Marketing Managers : A Bachelor’s degree can help you to find a career in the marketing field and the work experiences will offer management positions.

Attaining these high paying jobs is not a simple task. Those require top-educational qualifications and dedication.

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