Green jobs

However, if the population is following a geometric progression, resources are increasing only in arithmetic progression that leads to the exploitation of ecosystem and thereby causing imbalance. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, definition of green jobs is given in two ways. They are:

“Jobs in which workers’ duties involve making their establishment’s production processes more environmental friendly or use fewer natural resources”.

Recycling, re-use and pollution reduction policies should be applied in industrial processes. Take a look at those industries that offer you a green job through which we can protect our planet and conserve natural resources.

Wind energy : Wind energy is a renewable natural energy resource that can be used efficiently for power generation. Increasing number of wind farms in the country clearly indicates its expanding popularity. According to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA),’ in the year 2000, installed wind energy capacity was under 3,000 megawatts.

Solar energy : Sun is always our ultimate source of power and energy. In 2009 alone, the residential market doubled in size and three new concentrating solar power (CSP) plants opened in the United States, increasing the solar electric market by 37 percent’. Some of the lucrative career roles in solar industry include chemists, material scientists, physicists, environmental scientists and more.

Green Construction : Green construction is quite different from the general architectural and construction work. However, we cannot forget about the rising demand for transportation. In this context, electric vehicles gain much importance, which reduces petroleum dependence, and conserve natural resources. With the wide consumer acceptance and less pollution, electrical vehicle manufacturing industry is expanding its wings across the globe.

Recycling : Recycling and reuse are two important processes that can be applied for conserving our natural resources. Since the recycling process continues to grow, employment opportunities are also expected to increase. The most important step in energy conservation is its efficient use by avoiding its unnecessary wastage.

Engineering and Science : Conservation scientists, environmental engineers, hydrologists, water resource engineers are some of the career roles in this arena. They work for both the betterment of society and sustaining natural resources.

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