Smart careers after High School Graduates

These career fields not only offer higher salary packages but also train you to achieve your career objectives. These jobs are :

1. Commercial Airline Pilot : You can become a commercial airline pilot with high school certification from pilot ground school and logging of at least 250 flight hours.

2. Nuclear Power Plant Operator : Power plant operators control and maintain power plant which generates electricity. They need to monitor generators, boilers and turbines in the plants.

3. Detectives and Criminal Investigators : To be a detective for a city, state or federal government all you need is a high school degree/diploma.

4. Gaming Manager : With a formal high school degree you can become gaming manager at casino. Gaming industry needs smart managers to look after its operations.

5. Captains, Mates, Pilot of Water Vessel :Captains are the masters who will have the overall control of the operations of vessel. Mates are the deck officers who command the routine operations.

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