Computer Systems Technician

OVERVIEW : A majority of computer technicians work regular hours, but certain positions require them to be on call or be available at odd times to resolve critical issues.
Computer Systems Technician
JOB DESCRIPTION : They install network servers, printers and other hardware. They work in teams under the supervision of a systems administrator or independently. They communicate with members of their team and with the clients to understand their requirements or solve errors within the system.
DEGREES OFFERED : Certificate and Associate’s Degrees  programs offered by community colleges or vocational schools train students to become computer systems technicians. Bachelor’s Degrees in computer science, computer engineering or information systems can provide an edge over the competition.

Computers are an inherent part of our lives today. Personal and professional usage has increased since the advent of the internet. The millions of transactions taking place in the world of commerce today are carried out with the help of computers. 
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