OVERVIEW :  Laws are integral for a society to function properly and make it orderly and civilized. Requirements of becoming a lawyer include completing four year college degree, three years of law school and passing a written bar examination.
JOB DESCRIPTION : Lawyers have to present the facts of the case in written or orally to the client or others and argue on their behalf. Lawyers specialize according to the specialty of law which they choose to pursue.

Associate’s Degrees (Legal studies, Paralegal) 

Bachelor’s Degrees (Legal studies)  Master’s Degrees   

Doctorate Programs (Juris Doctor (JD), Scientiae Juridicae Doctor or J.S.D. or in English Doctor of Judicial Science)
JOB OUTLOOK : Job prospects are expected to be good for the law school graduates with diverse career options in different fields. However, to have advancement in this career, aspirants should have a law examination of the bar in that particular state.For More Information On Law,

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