Instructional Design and Technology

OVERVIEW : Instructional design and technology specialists need to have an insight about the learning process of students, how to learn and how to enhance the learning potential of the courses delivered.

 A majority of jobs for instructional design and technology specialist lie in online education, and may be found in corporations, higher education, and e-learning vendors. Be it child education or adult education, online programs or campus based programs, technology has revolutionized the way we learn and imbibe knowledge.

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Employment growth is anticipated as schools increasingly focus on improving teachers’ effectiveness and bringing in better and new methods of teaching.

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Medical and Science

A career in medicine and science is highly respected since it involves saving lives and alleviating others from diseases.There are vast avenues in medical and science field with the prospective candidates training to become doctors, x-ray technicians, medical laboratory scientists, clinical pathologist, dietitians, genetic counselors, nursing, pharmacist and others.
You can also pursue a rewarding career in research in medical and science field and work in the health care system as well. 
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Event Planning and Management

OVERVIEW : Event planning and management is one of the exciting careers, which require good interpersonal and organizational skills. Whatever the cause and occasion to hold the event may be, it should be well- planned. The event planners accomplish this task by meetings.
JOB DESCRIPTION : There are mainly five types of planners. They include association planners, corporate planners, government meeting planners, convention service planners and event planners. After the collection of all necessary details and information, they have to make an outline of the forthcoming meeting. They inspect the site and decorate it. They coordinate the staffs in the site, guide everyone to their places and do all other activities.
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Job prospects are good for the entry-level candidates with a bachelor’s in hospitality management. Certifications such as Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) and Certified Government Meeting Professional (CGMP) may provide an edge in the competitive field.

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Entertainment Business

OVERVIEW : Even with the emergence of internet, new job possibilities have arrived in the entertainment business. They are required to make creative marketing plans for internet and mobile, ranging from videos to interactive websites.
JOB DESCRIPTION : Publicists are the ones who spread the word about the upcoming movie or music album to the public. They write press releases and distribute publicity materials. They are also involved in arranging media interviews, coordinating launch parties and promotional events. Thus, scope of work in the field of entertainment business is huge and there are a variety of fields open in this industry.
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JOB OUTLOOK : Job outlook for individuals working in the entertainment business is strong. There is huge demand from public for motion pictures, music albums and television content.
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Mechanic and Technician

A career as mechanic and technician involves maintenance and repair of vehicles, equipment and machines. As technological progress takes place and with increasing computerization and automation of machines and engines, there is a need for qualified mechanics and technicians.

They should be able to handle, maintain and repair these complex machines, vehicles and heavy duty equipments. With a variety of tailor made courses available in this field, making yourself dexterous as mechanic or technician would be a major boost to your career.

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Computer Science

OVERVIEW : In our modern society, each and every business sector relies on computer technologies and application for their daily operations.  Computer science is an academic discipline that mainly deals with the study of computation and computer technology, hardware and software.
JOB DESCRIPTION : Computer scientists mainly work towards designing new methods in hardware, robotics and software. Complex algorithms, which are the fundamental part of all technologies, are developed by them. Final goal of a computer scientist is to bring new advancements and increase efficiency of existing technologies.
JOB OUTLOOK : “Computer scientists will be needed to develop the software that controls increasingly complicated electronics. Computer scientists will be needed to design the infrastructure to enable widespread adoption of cloud computing,” reports the bureau of labor statistics.
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Computer Programming

OVERVIEW : The roles of programmers and programs have evolved due to the advancements in the technology and are now multifaceted. The basic job of a computer programmer is to instruct the computer about how to go on executing a task by writing programs.
JOB DESCRIPTION : Computer programmers work with software developers and in some businesses, their work overlaps. In such cases, the computer programmers also have to design the program, deciding on softwares to be used, the kind of interface that has to be provided, creating models. The programmers also need to work out flowcharts detailing how the code has to be written and then writing the specified program for it.

 Computer programming programs are most commonly offered in computer science degrees.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that job conditions are favorable for the computer programmers. As employers increasingly contract with outside firms to do programming jobs, more opportunities are expected to arise for experienced programmers who have expertise in a specific area to work as consultants”,said the bureau report.

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