Correctional Officers

Overview : Correctional officers are accountable for supervising people who have been arrested and are awaiting trial, or have been sentenced to serve their time in reformatory or prison. Correctional officers maintain the discipline inside jails. They enforce rules to prevent escape or fights between inmates.

Job Description : Correctional officers are required to help maintain order in penitentiary and oversee individuals who are waiting trial or who have been convicted to serve time in jail, reformatory or prison. Duties of correctional officers include keeping order in jails or prisons and enforcing rules. They supervise the activities of the inmates. They inspect living conditions of the prisons or jails to ensure that they meet established standards.

Job Outlook : U.S. Bureau of labor statistics state that job prospects are expected to face a slow growth.”Some local and state corrections agencies experience high job turnover because of the low salaries and shift work, as well as the stress that many correctional officers feel.

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