Physical and Health Education

We might have often heard about Physical education, or often abbreviated as Phys. Ed. or P.E during our school days. This physical and health education is included in the primary and secondary school curriculum in order to build a healthy life style.According to National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE),a high quality physical education program should enhance the physical, mental and social/emotional development of every child and incorporate fitness education and assessment to help children understand, improve and/or maintain their physical well-being. Why physical education holds much importance? Here are some reasons.
Fitness : Obesity has been an increasing health problem among the new generations. It is because of the changing lifestyles, junk foods and lack of exercises. Sports, exercises and other physical education programs will help to get rid of obesity and other diseases such as diabetes, chronic heart diseases, hypertension etc. Regular exercises and implementing a healthy lifestyle will help to gain a physically fit body.Self-esteem : Physical activities always influence the child’s mind in numerous ways. It can increase their confidence levels, sportsman spirit, team skills etc. Self esteem of a student is well built through the active participation in sports activities.
Healthy mind : When students are participating in different sports activities, they are learning some life lessons through it. Winning or losing a game, working together to achieve a goal and several skills are enhanced in children. Nowadays most of the physical and health education programs include several yoga and meditation practices, which can help students to maintain a healthy mind.

Academic improvement : Physical education programs even it is related to sports or it may be yoga practice, it helps to improve the concentration and academic skills of a student. A physically fit body with a healthy mind always promotes academic achievement.
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