Career Aptitude Test

In the present times, there are a variety of career paths to choose from. No wonder you can be confused by the sheer number of careers to opt from. A career aptitude test gives an insight about the type of career you are best suited to and helps you to choose your career based on your personality traits.

With a deeper understanding of yourself and what kind of talents you possess for a specific job, you are better prepared to make a choice regarding your career, without being confused and thus save the pains of doing something which you don’t like and saving yourself from an unnecessary grind.

Choosing your career is a very important decision of your life since you are going to work for a living, and if that work is not according to your tastes and aptitude, then you wouldn’t enjoy working in that kind of job and hence would be a burden on you.

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Computer Schools

In this information era computers have become indispensable in all the fields and have become an inseparable part of human life. In fact the whole world now runs on the digitized information and there is always a rising demand of skilled professionals.

Computer Schools will help you to find a fascinating career in this technological world. The academic schedules with advanced technologies and well qualified faculties moulds the students well enough to think creatively and chart out a professional career.

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Business Administration – Finance

OVERVIEW : The ultimate aim of each and every business organization is to make profit through their products and services. Financial management should be done very efficiently and accurately in the business.

JOB DESCRIPTION : Financial managers administer the financial sector of the business organization. They analyze the transaction information and reports. They have to prepare reports about the financial activities on each business procedures. They present reports and findings before the top management executives for further planning.

DEGREES OFFERED :  Associate’s Degrees   Bachelor’s Degrees

Master’s Degrees   Doctorate Programs    PhD Programs

JOB OUTLOOK : Bachelor’s degree with a major in finance or business administration in finance may open up job opportunities for the entry-level candidates. Job prospects are good for the applicants with great analytical and math skills.

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“If you have a head for numbers, this is the profession for you”

Accountants are the most sought after business professionals in corporate arena. Because they are one who ensure the proper financial transactions and manage the financial resources. Oftentimes, accounting and auditing are used interchangeably.

Accounting career will be best suited for the individuals who have a strong inclination towards mathematics. Since accounting work is all about some numerical calculations, the applicant should have an in-depth knowledge in different mathematical operations. As an accountant, you have to examine different financial statements, compute taxes, organize financial records etc. All the works are carried out in compliance with different government regulations.

Now, you may be clear about accountants and auditors, so the next option is payroll administrator. It can be considered as a sub-section in accounting. As the name indicates, they have to finance and process the payroll information of the employees. It would be based on the working hours, tax rates and other additional factors.

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Education Specialization

OVERVIEW : The Education Specialist, also referred to as Educational Specialist, Specialist in Education, Major areas available with this degree include school counselling, school psychology, educational leadership, ESL, educational administration, higher education/adult continuing education, advanced curriculum and instruction, superintendent, career and technical education, and others.

JOB DESCRIPTION : The Ed.S. degree is a focused degree program that is considered by accrediting bodies as the completion of the seventh year of collegiate study,(between the master’s and doctorate), assuming a master’s degree in education.  Some Ed.S. programs function as a bridge between a master’s degree and a doctorate via articulation agreements.

DEGREES OFFERED : Associate’s Degrees   Bachelor’s Degrees   

Master’s Degrees  Doctorate Programs    PhD Programs    Certificate

JOB OUTLOOK : Applicants having educational specialization degree is expected to face favourable job conditions. They can find job opportunities in the educational services of colleges, universities and other institutions.

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Homeland Security

OVERVIEW : Post 9/11 era, the changing security threats and uncovering of vulnerabilities has finally led to the formation of Department of Homeland and security.  Due to the confidential nature of work in this department concerning national security, one’s integrity and credentials will surely be verified. The job range in Department of Homeland security is varied and of many fields.

JOB DESCRIPTION : The broad panorama of working in the Department of Homeland Security is such that there is a job available for every type of occupation ranging from human resource managers to an intelligence agent. The spectrum is so varied and the job opportunities are so many that the Department of Homeland Security has employed more than 183,000 workers till April 2006 – making it one of the largest Federal agencies.

DEGREES OFFERED : Associate’s Degrees   Bachelor’s Degrees   

Master’s Degrees  Doctorate Programs    PhD Programs    Certificate

JOB OUTLOOK : The job outlook for a career in the Department of Homeland security seems to be good and the opportunities are fast expanding, as found by the experts.

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Business Administration

OVERVIEW : The business administration professionals play a vital role in planning, leading and directing various facets of the business.

JOB DESCRIPTION : Business organizations have several different departments that perform one or more business operations. The job responsibilities include ensuring customer satisfaction, data collection and data entry, organizing daily operations and conducting meetings. This ensures the growth and success of the business. They supervise and administer changes in personnel policy.

DEGREES OFFERED : Associate’s Degrees   Bachelor’s Degrees   

Master’s Degrees  Doctorate Programs    PhD Programs   Certificate

JOB OUTLOOK : Administrators with business knowledge, ability to implement and plan strategy for sales progress in their job roles can achieve financial rewards.

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