Apparel Design | Fashion Design Management

You are what you wear,apparel design can be a challenging career option

Do your friends and family ask you for fashion advice? Do you have a notebook filled with ideas about garments you would be wearing or designing for others? Do you know all the ‘in’ places to buy the latest fashions from NYC to downtown LA? Do you know follow newsgroups and mailing lists about best bead accessories to hand bags? You know the difference between white, cream and beige. With the help of some education to channel your passion you will make a great apparel designers.

As part of your day to day job depending on the industry you are part of, you will be taking part in the various departments, like fashion marketing and merchandising, pattern drafting and design etc. You could be working computers while you illustrate and design your next creation. You could be talking to your team about tailoring and patterning your reation.

Most apparel designer work on more than one kind of a project. First and foremost, not all apparel designers make million dollar dresses. You are entering a field for the brave heated. It demands hard work, patience and creativity. It demands that you work hard at your designs and spend days, weeks and months to get noticed. However, once you put your efforts in the correct direction you will start working your way to the top. You will enjoy the sweet smell of success once you create your own niche in a world of fashion where changes happen in a New York minute.

With hard work, skill and good marketing, you as an apparel designer can travel the globe, make great money and dazzle the world with your creativity.

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