Cyber Security and its Implications

In today’s technology driven world, everything is networked and computers are performing all the tasks for us ranging from banking to entertainment. In this huge abyss of now mostly knowledge based economy, computers and their networks play a pivotal role in conducting business and transfer of sensitive data which may be banking data or even military or intelligence data.

Also, information is passed through emails and increasingly people are using social networking sites as well for interaction and communication and this is gaining popularity in the society. All this indicates how much are we totally dependent on computers which are involved in each and every aspect of our lives and there is so much scope for making every process online. Thus we see online trading of shares in the stock market and the online transmission of medical data as well.

Today, there are coordinated cyber attacks on our nations information systems and networks from hostile countries. They have the intention of stealing sensitive national security information or inflicting heavy damage on our information technology infrastructure so that everything is paralyzed. Thus, the role of a cyber security expert is very important. Cyber security professionals secure the computer systems of the corporation or the government agency they are working for and prevent any information theft and information leaks.

  Thus cyber security professionals work with companies to build secure computer systems. Their job involves questioning managers and staff about their current security methods. Cyber security professionals have to understand the security needs of an organization from the managers and then the design and implement the security systems based on those needs.

Thus, the cyber security professionals are the backbone of the safety systems put in place to deter hackers and cyber criminals and they perform the important task of protecting our information technology infrastructure.

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