Entertainment Business – A world of Gloss and Glitz

We see in the news that a particular Hollywood movie has grossed millions of dollars in the box office or a particular singer has been created a new record by being signed for so many millions of dollars. And we wonder how these people are able to generate so much amount of wealth. Welcome to the world of entertainment business. If you have got the talent and determination, you can make your mark in this glitzy and glamorous world. There are a lot of career paths available in the realm of entertainment business.


They include motion picture making in Hollywood, various positions in the print and visual media such as television, executive producers in the music album industry, etc. Interactive marketers are also a part of entertainment business and they are required to make creative marketing plans for platforms such as the internet and mobile, ranging from viral videos to interactive websites.

Job description of various career paths in entertainment business is varied and would depend on the exact role of the individual in the entertainment business. In film and television industries, production assistants play a vital role right from pre production activities to post production. Production assistants work side by side with producers and directors in ensuring that the schedule of shooting goes smoothly without any delay, performs administrative tasks of managing scripts and managing talent and communicating between departments. Studio managers are involved in booking sessions of recording and working with the engineering staff to sort out problems. 

Thus, scope of work in the field of entertainment business is is huge and there are a variety of fields open in this industry. 

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