Humanities – Academic Disciplines

Communication Studies, Cultural Studies, Law and Linguistics

Know thyself and know the world, deep down your heart through humanities

Humanities are the academic disciplines that study the human condition. Various approaches such as analytical, critical or speculative are used as methods to study humanities as opposed to the empirical method used for the studies of the natural sciences. The humanities include ancient and modern languages, literature, history, philosophy, religion and visual and performing arts such as music and theater. The humanities that are also included as social sciences are history, anthropology, area studies, communication studies, cultural studies, law and linguistics.

The study of humanities is the study of very characteristics that make us human. It charts the course that we have taken till now to reach the state of development attained till today. The study of languages, art, drama, painting, history, philosophy etc. determines the course which we have taken to understand ourselves and our surrounding. It studies the kind of equilibrium that we have created in the form of a bond between ourselves and our surroundings so that we feel one with the guiding force and the ‘soul’ within us. Hence our self expression in the form of art and language is studied in depth in the humanities. How we found a way to communicate with ourselves and others and how we raised questions about our very existence, the nature of God and time, the systems of organization of society and politics, everything manifests itself through the study of various subjects in humanities. 

Besides this, there are studies of history and performing arts that are studied in humanities. History is the systematic representation and study of the past and through it we can get an insight about the various ups and downs the civilizations have faced in different parts of world, learning from their mistakes and building upon their successes. It is due to the study of history that we can get a deep understanding of the human evolution, and this study of the past can help in solving the problems of the present and future. Similarly, the study of different performing arts give us an insight about the cultural evolution of humankind and the way we express our thoughts and feelings, our joys and sorrows, our passions and our enthusiasm regarding life.

Thus, there are vast arrays of subjects which can be studied in humanities to refine the person with the new ideas and equip the person for a productive life in the society. You can be a historian, an anthropologist, a painter, a philosopher and what not by studying the vast range of subjects in the field of humanities. For more information on careers you can pursue after studying humanities, you can surf which gives you the required information.

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