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Sociology is the scientific study of the society. Sociologists study the various groups, religions, sects, languages, social institutions and processes that help people develop. They collect information about various social issues and stances different groups of people take on different issues based on their leanings and social values. Thus, sociologists study the processes of evolution of various social groups and theories and ideologies. They study how social influences affect various groups of people and individuals. Sociologists study the various phenomenons associated with the society and its evolution, the genesis and percolation of social theories in the society. They can therefore be considered as barometers of human behavior collectively.

A recently published report of Bureau of Labor Statistics states that sociologists typically need a master’s degree or Ph.D. There are two types of sociology master’s degree programs: traditional programs and applied, clinical, and professional programs. Traditional programs prepare students to enter a Ph.D. program. Applied, clinical, and professional programs prepare students to enter the professional workplace, teaching them the necessary analytical skills to perform sociological research in a professional setting. The median annual wage of sociologists was $72,360 in May 2010.

Thus, the work of sociologists is essential in understanding the society as a whole and understanding its strengths and weaknesses, its needs and areas where it needs support. Sociologists are required for understanding the direction of Government programs and where the thrust of Government programs should be so that desired results can be achieved and social upliftment occurs. In order to prioritize the spending of Government on issues such as health, gender development, literacy, etc. the insight of sociologists is required. They help the Government to decide on which particular sections of the society should be targeted for such programs and thus helping the needy to get proper aid and support.

If you decide to become a sociologist, be prepared to deal with such issues in detail and be a witness to the evolution of the society and its various implications on the social, economic and political conditions of the nation. Sociologists must be able to read the pulse of the society so that they can recognize where it is changing and where it is showing its evolution. Thus, to be a sociologist is to read the trends of the society, systematically gather information and research the gathered data into valuable insights into the society we live in. We make up the society and the society makes us, meaning there is a two way interaction going on between the individuals who constitute the society and the society itself. To understand this interaction and use that information and understanding in the betterment of the society is the ultimate goal of the sociologist

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