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Reading the minds, understanding the hearts and making the world beautiful to live in…psychologists at work

Why do people behave in the manner they do? What is the root cause of a particular behaviorial pattern of an individual? How do infants develop their sense of perception and language? The answers to all these questions lie in psychology.

Psychology is the study of our though processes and discusses the reasons behind our actions subsequent to ouir thoughts. Psychology dwells deep inside the mind of humans and unlocks its secrets of how it functions. Psychology is the key to human mind and its functioning. In today’s age of cut throat competition and race for survival, mental tensions and emotional problems are bound to increase. There are various reasons for the way we all behave. It depends on our upbringing, the way we sense things, the way our social, economic and cultural atmosphere is and a number of other factors. Genetics and education also play a vital role in the way our psychological makeup is created. So it is important that we understand all these factors that make up our psyche and make us behave in the way we do. This is the job done by psychologists.

Child psychology similarly deals with children and the emotional and psychological problems that they face. They get affected easily due to social and family situations. Thus, they mould the thinking process of children who are in their formative years and help them resolve the issues which they might have. Child psychologists also deal with children ranging from the age group of 8-14 and guide them for various behavioral problems, learning issues and counseling students and their families. This is a very noble and important cause since children are the future citizens of tomorrow and they need proper guidance and mentorship and someone to resolve their problems and issues so that become better citizens.

In order to become a psychologist one needs a master’s degree and a doctorate is desirable. Also, practicing psychologists need a license or certification. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage of psychologists was $68,640 in May 2010. Thus, psychologists play an important role in developing an understanding of the human mind and the way it functions. It can be quite an exciting career option for someone interested in this subject and there are many career options to choose from like counseling psychologists, developmental psychologists, neuropsychologists, school psychologists, social psychologists, etc. Thus, one can choose from a diverse range of subjects and specializations and excel in this chosen field.

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