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See the world, speak the global language, add the glamor, be a cabin crew

Opportunity to see the world at no expenses, glitz and glamour, luxury living styles and experience different foreign cultures– you might be thinking that we are talking about any film celebrities.

Whenever we hear the word flight attendant, then most of them will visualize a picture of a beautiful lady walking in a stylish way through the airport with the wheeling travel bag behind. But the job responsibilities of a flight attendant are not limited in serving food and instructing the passengers. They are an important part of the cabin crew of an airline, who ensures the safety and security of passengers. If we turn the pages of history, then we can find that flight attendants were known as stewardesses. It was Ellen church and seven other single women got the first entry to this career in 1930. United Airlines hired those eight stewardesses in their cabin crew. But the situations have changed now. The Civil Right Act of 1964 gave some new dimensions to this job, by removing the discrimination of race, sex, age, or marital status factors for this occupation. This act marked the entry of men into this job industry which changed the career name stewardesses into flight attendants.

If you are passionate about travelling and seeing the world, then flight attendant career may be a right option. Even though a high school diploma or GED serves as an eligibility requirement for flight attendants, a college degree in hospitality, public relations, tourism etc can give you an edge in the job competition. In addition to the educational requirements, there are some other set of qualifications to be possessed by candidate.

Some of them are foreign language fluencies, physical standards and medical evaluation. Certifications for flight attendants are offered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which is necessary for initiating your career. But it may be given only upon the successful completion of training provided by airline companies. During training sessions you will be trained in management, medical and technical skills. You will learn how to handle highly stressful situations such as hijackings, land or sea disasters etc. Don’t forget that flight attendants should be friendly, patient and punctual. That’s why we can say that flight attendant jobs are a lifestyle that offers great deal of excitement.



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