Airframe – Airframe Mechanics, Find Employment, Mechanical Jobs, Career in Airframe

Airframe – Airframe Mechanics, Find Employment

                          Making it safer and secured in the sky
Over 15,000 airports and 600 million air travelers flying each year, commercial aircraft travel plays an important part in the economy. The sheer number of commercial, civilian flights operated across the country is mind boggling. The FAA, Federal Aviation Authority, an agency of the United States Department of Transportation, governs all administrative aspects of civil aviation.

The FAA governs and regulates all aspects of civil aviation, commercial space transportation. The FAA manages and issues licenses for personnel who work in maintenance of the civilian aircraft. The FAA provides ratings and license for the Airframe and Powerplant mechanic. The FAA administers theory and practical tests and then issues license and appropriate ratings. The work of an aircraft mechanic involves working for extended periods requiring extensive physical effort and concentration. The responsibilities include identifying and solving maintenance operations in systems involving one or more of the various subsystems, like fluid power systems, electrical wiring and components etc. that make up the airframe of the aircraft. The job involves carrying out inspection, maintenance and documentation of all repairs,changes made etc. according to the FAA Airworthiness directives.

A good interest and knowledge in different subjects like mathematics, physics, ability to understand electrical and technical drawings are essential. Mechanical aptitude along with physical agility comes in very useful when working with machines and tools to diagnose problems and perform repairs. Ability to use measurement tools and perform accurate work are also essential. Maintaining proper documentation according to FAA directives is also very important. Most repairs and maintenance jobs require working in teams and ability to clearly communicate with other team members is important. The work involves physical labor as well long hours of concentration as airframe maintenance needs to performed meticulously and accurately. The hard work and skill results in good wages and the utmost satisfaction of having made air travel safer and reliable.

The airframe mechanics find employment at various commercial airlines and aircraft manufacturers. The airframe mechanics gain experience and license ratings for specific types of aircraft. There are numerous possibilities depending on the experience and skill.

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