Wind Turbine Technology -Contribute to a greater cause….Wind Turbine Technician as a Career Choice

Wind Turbine Technology - Contribute to a greater cause....Wind Turbine Technician as a Career Choice

With the rising awareness about environment and its protection, the trend of green jobs is picking up in the market. Green jobs are such kind of jobs that are associated in some way or the other with an alternate lifestyle, associated with environment protection like alternate sources of energy which use fewer natural resources and lessen our carbon footprint. Going green is making economic sense nowadays. Not only there are plethoras of jobs available in this segment, the pay is generally good and it gives a satisfaction to us that we are doing our bit to protect and preserve the environment. One of such green jobs is being a wind turbine technician.

We use electricity to power our cities and lives. This electricity mainly comes from the non renewable sources of energy such as fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are limited, their use creates problems such as global warming and climate change and also they cause various other environmental problems. In order to lessen the load on the mother earth and to save the planet from environmental degradation, the use of such fossil fuels should be minimized at the least. One way of doing this is to encourage the use of renewable sources of energy such as solar energy and wind energy. Wind energy is clean and it is unlimited. It doesn’t create any burden on the environment and it is safe.

Wind turbines are used to produce wind energy. Wind creates pressure on the rotor blades of the wind turbine which in turn are connected to a generator which causes the blades to move. This generates electricity. Wind turbine technicians are required to service the machinery and the parts of the turbine so that they are always in top condition. Wind turbine technicians perform scheduled preventive maintenance on wind turbines adhering to various safety precautions. The maintenance tasks that wind turbine technicians are supposed to do are replacing oil filters and greasing bearings. They are also responsible for housekeeping at wind turbine facilities. Since they are working at considerable heights, wind turbine technicians have to take lots of safety precautions.

Wind turbine technicians are well paid. According to various industry sources, the annual income of a wind turbine technician was between $65,000 to $78,000. What more can one ask for if one gets the job satisfaction of working towards a greener environment and also get paid well in the deal. Wind turbine technicians jobs fall in such a category.

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