Marine transportation – International Trade,Online Jobs,Career in Transportation

Marine transportation – International trade,online Jobs,Career in Transportation

Inland waterways have been used to transport goods and passengers since the earliest days in American history. The Steamboat transport was thriving and active on the nation’s vast inland waterways. The steamboats provided trade and human traffic before the rail networks became essential in quickly transporting passengers and goods. The Mississippi river was a major means of transporting goods. From the source in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico, it stretches over 2300 miles. Today, after considerable capital expenditure and efforts in building dams and locks, Mississippi is continued to be used in transporting agricultural products. 

International trade and commerce has been carried out across the oceans for a long time. Modern technology has enabled the container ships or cargo ships to carry material and products in a timely and cost effective manner. Many companies are involved in international trade as economies around the world demand more products. According to a report published by United States International Trade Commission, in August, 2011 (Publication No. 4245) exports of domestic merchandise for the year 2010 amounted to 1,122,131 million dollars.

The imports of merchandise for the year 2010 amounted to 1,898,610 million dollars. All the merchandise traded internationally, requires the use of marine transportation, cargo ships in particular. Depending on the geographical location, environment and land factors, various countries around the world involved in agriculture, often export the surplus to other countries. In turn they import merchandise and tools, equipment to support their growing economies. The need for marine transportation in transferring products across the world continues to generate opportunities for professionals involved in shipping transportation and logistics management and other related fields. Many companies have openings for shore side operations in human resource and global manning, planning and analysis, safety and environmental specialists.

Officials and representatives from companies across the nation are now considering the use of inland waterways for transporting the good and materials, as rising fuel prices, increasing congestions and traffic mishaps involved in using trailer trucks in freight transportation. The companies are now considering the use of inland waterways as modern technology and improvements in the design have made marine transportation vehicles a safe and cost effective alternative. The need to revive and redesign the inland water ways is being earnestly considered. The initiative, if successful will generate more opportunities for marine transportation professionals.

The field of marine transportation demands, hard work and extended periods of staying away from land. It is different from a typical 9 to 5 that most other jobs offer. The jobs has some effects on your family and social life. The jobs are lucrative and deliver a sense of pride and accomplishment. It is one of the most satisfying careers that has attracted men and women since the dawn of civilization.

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