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Art Education – Art Schools,Art Design,Online Art & Design Education

Art education is the study of visual and performing arts which include painting, sculptures, music, dance etc. Participating in artistic works improves the creativity and talent of an individual. According to the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001, arts education was added as a core subject in the academic curriculum. This academic discipline can even educate the students with the knowledge of contributions that artists and their art work make to our society.

According to the National Association of School of Arts and Design reports, art education programs were one of the most popular options in the visual arts. Most of the graduates choose the career role of an art teacher, but the opportunities are not limited to classrooms. Other career roles include art administrators, art critics, art therapist etc. Art teachers explain and demonstrate several artistic techniques depending on the age level of students. Art programs are implemented by the art teachers and school administrators based on the academic curriculum. Through the implemented education program, the main focus is to develop artistic skills among students. They even monitor the progress of student in specific art works and can make changes in plans according to the development. Art works of students are analyzed by teachers in a critic point of view. But they have to motivate and encourage students to bring out the best in them.

Job prospects are expected to be good for the art education graduates in the education field. Individuals who have a great passion in teaching and artistic skills can find better job opportunities. 

–  Bachelor’s
–  Doctorate/PhD
–  Certificate

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities of all education, training and library occupations are expected to increase by 14 percent during 2010 to 2020.


Occupation  – Education, training and library occupations                       

ELE                  – Bachelor’ Degree                
MAW(2010) – $45,690

ELE- Entry Level Education

MAW(2010)- Median Annual Wage


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