Announcers – online Jobs,online course,online programs, find a jobs,electronic media

Announcers – online Jobs,online course,online programs, find a jobs

Overview :
An announcer’s assignment is mostly very exciting and challenging as the announcer through the particular medium reaches to millions of people. There are several celebrity announcers who have now become a household name so much is their popularity. Announcers can find their jobs with various radio stations, internet radio as well electronic media, mainly with various television channels including the television news channels. If one can excel in this profession, along with recognition it may fetch a hefty salary cheque home also.

Job Outlook :
Employment of radio and television announcers is projected to grow by seven percent during the ten years’ period starting 2010, slower than the average for all occupations, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employment of public address system and other announcers is projected to grow by five percent from 2010 to 2020, slower than the average for all occupations. “Improving technology and consolidation of radio and television stations will limit the growth in this field. Many stations are able to do more tasks with less staff. Technology continues to increase the productivity of radio and television announcers and reduce the time required to edit material or do other off-air technical and production work,” said a recently published Bureau report.

Job Description :
The announcers need to co-ordinate with various sections or departments in their place of work, be it a radio station, television channel or even an internet radio station. The key person for the announcers is the executive producer or the production head of that particular organisation who basically is responsible for conceptualising the shows which are to be anchored by the announcers.

The announcers also can find job offers from various public organisations including railways and transport departments, exciting job opportunities for them also await with various event management companies which frequently require service of announcers to host shows on their behalf. Bottomline is that an announcer not only need to be very creative but also requires to read the mind and heart of the audience as it may vary from one assignment to the other and accordingly address the viewers or listeners or the both.

Expected Job Growth :
It may not all rosy for the aspiring announcers as industry experts believe that fierce competition is expected for jobs as a radio or television announcer. According to a recent report published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many of the openings in the field of announcers will be due to people leaving jobs and the requirements to replace workers who move out of smaller markets or out of the radio or television field entirely. “Consolidation of stations has decreased the jobs for radio and television announcers and pushed experienced announcers into medium and smaller market stations. Therefore, an entry-level announcer may be competing with an on-air announcer who already has years of experience,” added the Bureau report talking about the future prospects of the aspiring announcers. Applicants need to be persistent and flexible because many entry-level positions will require moving to a smaller market city. “Small radio and television stations are more inclined to hire beginners, but the pay is low,” a note of caution comes from the Bureau survey for the aspirants

Salary Bar

The median annual wage of radio and television announcers was $26,850 in May 2010, according to a survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The survey also revealed that the lowest 10 percent earned less than $16,590 while the top 10 percent earned more than $72,500.

U.S Bureau of labor Statistics

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