Art Direction

Art Direction

Overview :
Art direction supervise and direct a piece of art which is under production by various artists to introduce a unifying feature in its theme, design, psychological impact on the audience and its general appeal. This includes making sure artistic images that are produced are attractive, beautiful, meaningful and rich in design and motifs. These aspects give a true feeling of an artistic touch to the art form and make it look as if it is live. The art director takes the overall decision about when to use various visual elements in a particular piece of art, when to use motion and the sound so as to enhance the appeal of the particular piece of art.

Job Outlook :
According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is strong competition among various talented designers and artists who want to become art directors in future.

Job Description :
Different artists may create or develop various parts of an art piece but it is in the hands of the art director to supervise and merge the vision. Art director is in charge of total visual appearance, contrast features appeals to the target audience. The effect to be given to the piece of art is decided by the art director only. Despite the title art director is not necessarily the head of the of an art department.They only work in conjecture with copywriters, where copywriters produce the textual body of the art piece, for example an advertisement, and the art direct may supervise the visual content. However, the roles might be interchanged.

Although an art director may have graphic design judgement it is not necessary for an art director to give a helping hand for comprehensive layouts or even draw such jobs are done faster on a computer using various software. So, if you are a person who can do the work of supervising arts and win the hearts of audience then this opportunity is waiting for you.

Expected Job Growth :
According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of art directors is expected to grow by 9% from 2010 to 2020. The employment of art directors in publishing industry is expected to experience little or no changes from 2010 to 2020.

Salary Bar           : –  Art directors having bachelor’s degree  –  $80,630

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