Art Critisism

Art Critisism

Overview :
Art criticism is discussing or most importantly evaluating the visual arts. The criteria for judgement of various kinds of visual arts are different and the art critic goes according to the principles of the aesthetic appreciation of that particular visual art.Artists always take positive opinions from their critics to view their work. Artists usually have an uneasy relationship with the art critics. However their criticism often helps the artists in constantly improving their work and thereby creating an understanding between the art critic and the artists.

Job Outlook :
The employment turnover of art critics is expected to grow as work opportunities of expertised art critics are high and more art evaluations are expected to be done in future.

Job Description :
If you are a keen observer and have a liking to evaluate things very minutely especially arts then art criticism is the best choice for you. Mainly the opinion of art critics has the potential to raise a debate on special art related topics. Because of this the viewpoints of art critics who write for newspapers and art publications creates a source of public discussion concerned to the topics of art and culture. Art critics view arts at places like exhibitions, museums and galleries.

Sometimes art critics also give critical opinions on the basis of personal knowledge as well as judgement of art work. Based on the judgement of the art critic the patrons of art take the guidance from them in order to appreciate and understand the art better. Art critics serve as an interface between the artists and the general public so that each one of them can base their interpretation of arts on a sound judgement.

Expected Job Growth   :   Salary ranges from $38,000 to $78,000 annually.

Degrees Offered   :   –  Bachelors    –  Masters   –  Doctorate/PhD   –  Certificate

Salary Bar    :  –  $38,000 to $78,000 annually

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