Student faculty interaction

Imagine a kind of place where college professors are inaccessible and you don’t find yourself comfortable reaching out to them. You don’t feel like sharing your ideas with the faculty members and any interaction which you have with the faculty is confined in the boundaries of the classroom itself. It would be such a restrictive atmosphere and would take the sheen out of your college life. But thankfully this is not the case in most colleges and universities.

Interaction amongst faculty members and students is given its due importance in our educational system. It plays an important role in the intellectual development of the students. Rather than being confined in the classrooms, student faculty interaction has no boundaries. In cafeterias, college lawns, libraries and during various gatherings, dialogues among students and faculty members helps in the development process of a student. Interaction between students and faculty is important as it helps to know about the perspective that the student is having and how a faculty perceives the thought process of students. While individual interaction is difficult in classrooms at times, it becomes easier if the tone and surroundings of the student faculty interaction is informal and relaxed.

Student and faculty can interact in a number of ways. These days, with the advent of technology like email and internet can make the faculties more accessible to the students. The exchange of ideas through email can be rewarding and enriching for both the faculty members and students. The faculty can get valuable feedback regarding the course and teaching methods used and this will help them to further improve the course materials and make the teaching methods more effective.

In addition to this, students can also get benefitted in many ways due to this student faculty interaction. They can share their thought processes and even their recent reads with the faculty, who may suggest how to channelize these thoughts of the students into something constructive or even may suggest some important books to read which may immensely benefit the student.

Thus, both the faculty and the students are to gain with increased student faculty interaction. The faculty gets valuable feedback from the students regarding the course material and improved methods of teaching and designing the course curriculum. On the other hand, students get to know the mindset of their faculty and get to learn practical problem solving approaches and also they gain by explaining their casual thoughts to the faculty.

This helps in establishing one on one bond with the students and the faculty members that in turn would strengthen their relationship, and faculty serves as a role model to the students. It inspires a healthy learning atmosphere and also increases the learning curve of the students.

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