On campus accommodation v/s off campus accommodation


Whether to live on campus or off campus is an important decision that a student has to make during the process of making decision related to the days in the college. Each choice has its own pros and cons which we shall discuss here in this space so that you get to know little more before you make the final choice.

Living in the campus would save you the transportation cost and it will be hassle free. You would be able to simply walk to your classes, dorms and labs and will not have to care about the gas cost. You do not have to worry about parking and this makes your life pretty easy to some extent as your accessibility to the university or college smoothens.

Increased social life is another reason to live in the campus. You will be full of things-to-do lists and you would have the knowledge of every event that is going to happen in the campus thus giving that extra edge to your social life. Ease of living is one more reason why on campus living is the preferred choice for most of the students. You do not have to worry about the grocery bills, about utility bills and monthly rent. All these things are taken care of if you live in the accommodations provided by your institute and you do not have to worry about them. Most of the students purchase a meal plan if living on campus and thus the hassle of cooking is also removed. Thus you get increased time to devote to other things as well as studies.

Now, consider the not so rosy picture of living on campus. You would have little or no privacy in the dorms as there would be activity going on in your dorm room and always someone somehow would be hanging around. This would offer you very little privacy. Dorms are generally small rooms where you can’t bring in your extra stuff since there is very less room to accommodate your things as well as that of your roommate. With all these activities going around and a possible overdose of social life on campus, you may find little time to study if you don’t manage your time correctly. This may lead to drop in your grade point average (GPA) and your studies may suffer if you are just a bit careless about studies.

Let us now consider some positive points about living off campus. First of all, you will be independent and you will have a room to yourself. You will not have to follow rules which generally students living on campus in dorms have to follow and you will be a boss of your own. Having your own room in quiet and peaceful settings would imply that you will have loads of privacy. You can use that privacy to chill out or take advantage of it to study in a peaceful environment. Living off campus would make you more responsible as you would be in charge of your own life and would have to take care of cooking, cleaning your room and as well as paying the utility bills and grocery bills. You will have to do all these activities in addition to studying. This would make a better person out of you since you will know how to take care of responsibilities.

Living off campus would however give rise to a need of transportation and parking hassles. You would have to factor out the time of commuting from your room to the campus and would have to take care of the gas cost and parking issues. Besides this, living off campus can be an expensive proposition. You would have to pay for your utility bills and have to take care of the groceries as well as monthly rent of the apartment or room which you are going to live in. Also you would need some money to furnish your room with basic necessities which makes it quite expensive. You may also suffer from a sense of detachment and isolation while living away from the campus. You would not be connected that much with all the activities going on in the campus and the scope of making new friends also becomes limited.

Hence, now having known the pros and cons of living both in campus and off campus it is for you to decide which option to choose. It would depend on your priorities and on the type of person you are, how social you are and how much you prefer to mingle with the crowd. Whatever your decision may be, always remember that you are in college to accomplish something and the decision about accommodation which you will make should reflect this and help you accomplish all your goals.

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