Changing trends in the fashion world has been adding new garments and accessories in the wardrobe. Importance of dress is often related with each and every moment of life. Just like the way in which a wedding dress holds great importance in one’s life. Clothes are always considered as a basic need next to food. People can live a life even without food for some days, but it won’t be possible to survive even for a single moment in society without dress.

Researches prove that human beings started wearing clothes 170,000 years ago. It was the Neanderthal men who started using leaves and barks as cloth. Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations were the first to make the clothes without using the animal skins. It was a preventive measure for them to get rid from the diverse climatic conditions. So it is clear that the art of textile and fabrics is one of the oldest forms of arts existing in our present world.

Clothes are something that adds beauty and elegance to an individual. It reflects the personality and attitude of a person. Only because of all these reasons, textile industry has become the second largest money making industry. Since the fashion industry faces a tremendous development, textiles and garments have acquired a new social status. Corporate world always give prime importance in the dressing style of its employees. Professional looks of a person are needed in business world which demand formal dressings. Nowadays dress codes are an important factor in most of the industrial organizations that represent their social status. In a similar way, special occasions of life remain memorable with matching beautiful attire.

Textile industry is not limited to the production of casual and formal clothes. From the small household items such as curtains and couches to the high quality products for the military purposes are manufactured in the textile industry. According to the National Council of Textile Organizations, U.S military purchases more than 8,000 textile products each year that includes uniforms, parachutes, tents etc. Over last years, textile industry is flourishing with the boom in the world of fashion. With the entry of new designs and trendy styles, fabric garments will always be a basic need of every individual.

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