Calligraphy is a French term meaning beautiful writing’. It is an art of lettering and can create extremely sophisticated forms of hand written texts that are visually appealing. Calligraphy is a beautiful art form which requires lots of patience. It requires lot of patience and perseverance to master the art of calligraphy. Control on the hand and flexibility too is required while performing the required strokes. It requires lots of practice and calligraphy is an art form which is very rewarding in nature. One can get to observe the results immediately after few weeks of practice.

Calligraphy has roots in Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Arabic cultures and as well as in the western culture. Books were written by hand before the invention of the printing press and hence calligraphy flourished. Even after the invention of the printing press, the art of calligraphy did not suffer since the printing press of those days was too complicated to understand and hence people did not leave calligraphy for use in daily purposes.

The art of calligraphy involves writing letters in a beautiful form so that they can stand out from other documents just by the amount and quality of their sheer beauty. Thus, calligraphy can be used in various places. It can be   used in the preparation of wedding card invites or in the preparation of diploma and degrees where elaborate handwriting is used to create an beautiful appeal. Various graphic designers also now take the services of calligraphers to create new fonts and creating visually appealing documents. Calligraphers can also work on their own and do various freelance assignments. There are no specific academic requirement for being a calligrapher however most of them possess a degree in the visual arts.

Calligraphy can be a profitable business if you are skilled in this art form. Various surveys have shown that calligraphers may charge from $1 to $5 for every single piece of wedding invitation and typically the invitation list consists of two hundred guests at the least. As the amount of writing material increases, and as per skill and experience, the wages of a calligrapher also increase.

Being a calligrapher gives you a lot of satisfaction. You can appreciate the art form which you have created and it gives you a tremendous amount of self esteem, since you can feel the ownership of the masterpiece you have created.  You can start learning calligraphy through books and these days online guidance is also available. It is advisable to learn calligraphy through a trained teacher once you have received the primary lessons on your own. So you are welcome in the world of beautiful lettering and create a wonderful world of beauty on your own.

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