Electrolysis and Laser Training

Electrolysis and Laser

OVERVIEW : Electrolysis and Laser training are the medically distinguished way of removing unwanted body hair. The latest hair removing technologies along with the medical procedures are applied on the clients with great care. The treatment methods differ in electrolysis and laser hair removal and also it depends on the skin types of the clientele. Medical procedures applied in both the laser and electrolysis treatments require well instructed training in technology.

JOB OUTLOOK : As the fashion industry is in a tremendous growth and the need of good looks matters in most of the profession, the number of customers is also increasing. So the job prospects are good for the candidates who are well trained and hold a license certification.

JOB DESCRIPTION : In Electrolysis treatment of hair removal, the hair growth can be eliminated completely and thereby offering a permanent hair removal method. Laser hair removal strategy reduces and slows down the hair growth but it can’t eliminate the hair growth. In this method, laser beams are used to heat the melanin in the hair follicle which destroys it without harming outer skin parts.

EXPECTED JOB GROWTH : According to the U.S Department of Labor Statistics, the employment opportunities for the skin care specialist that include electrologists and laser hair removal specialists are expected to increase by 25 percent from 2010-2020. The median hourly wages for the electrologists and laser hair removal specialists were $13.90 in May 2010 and it varies according to the experience and various other factors.

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