Art History

Art History

‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’the first lines from an epic poem written by John Keats. The beauty of art will last forever beyond any defined time period. Right from the stone age, humans tried to depict the beauty through several paintings and other artistic creations. Remains collected from several ancient civilizations provide the proof about man’s effort to depict the joy created by beauty.

Cave-paintings, sculptures, stone carvings, statues, bronze carvings etc. collected from those ancient times prove that man has developed an eye for beauty even from the Paleolithic era.  Whenever we visit the arts galleries or museums, the place where we look back into our history, have we ever thought that what would be the history behind those great artworks? Art history is such a discipline that deals with cultural, social and historical frameworks of arts.

It helps in finding the answer of some common questions such as who made it? Why it was made? Or when it was made? People always enjoy watching the beautiful depictions independent of its time of creation.

Every individual have their own viewpoints, their own opinions about a painting, sculpture, photography etc. Art history focuses on researching about those different viewpoints considering art as being timeless. They explore spectacular art history of ancient medieval art, renaissance, baroque, contemporary art etc.

According to Victor Hugo, History is an echo of past in future and a reflex from the future in the past. In the similar way, art history will reveal history of contributions of artists to our society.  In addition to that they will explore the impact it made on the cultural scenario across a broad range of periods and humanity. Great foundations laid on the historical details of arts will help in developing methods that can bring new advancements in the modern times.

The academic curriculum revolves around the historical studies from the pre-historic art to the modern arts. If you are curious to know about the history of those great artistic works and if you have an inclination towards arts, then art history will be an appropriate career option for you.

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