Art criticism


Art criticism

                                        ” A critic’s eyes….on the art

Art is something that depicts the beauty of things, provides an appealing and soothing sense to the human eyes and a great relief for minds. But is it necessary to have a criticism on the art works? Yes, because the commercial, media and fine arts have immense influence on the socio-cultural situation of a nation.

Art criticism is such a discipline that deals with the evaluation of artistic works in reference with the aesthetics. An effective criticism from a talented art critic will help the artists to evaluate their efforts and offers an opportunity to redefine their understanding. Constructive and good criticism always helps the people to discover and fix the flaws.

Taking the words of a famous Paul Valéry, Art criticism is that form of literature which condenses or amplifies, emphasizes or arranges, or attempts to bring into harmony all the ideas that come to the mind when it is confronted by artistic phenomena. Its domain extends from metaphysics to invective.”

Art critics have to interpret, analyze and express critical judgments about all the visual art materials. They mainly give the priority for developing an appreciation of the art elements that convey some ideas. Viewpoints and reviews of these skilled scholars have great influential power in the world of arts. Study programs offered in art criticism mainly focus in developing the creative writing skills in order to depict the illustrations of art. The artistic writing skills will give prior attention to the form, content and context.

Whenever we examine a painting or a sculpture or any other art forms, our eyes will scrutinize different aspects of that work. Based on those viewpoints, a person will develop constructive feedback with a positive encouragement for the artists. The first process in mind during the observance of an art is description. We will define the particular visual object according to some general features. Then a deep look through the colors, shapes, textures, proportion and several other factors of the art. That is the way by which we analyze the specific work. Every piece of art will convey some information to its viewers and society.

The interpretation part of art is evaluated to check whether the artist was successful in communicating his ideas with the people. Final step is the judgment in which the critiques have to reveal the evaluation about the art works. If you have a keen eye for art and wish to express your thoughts, then art criticism will be a right career option for you.

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