Call Center Management – interpersonal skills

Call Center Management


As the competition in the business industry is turning so tough, each and everyone is focusing more on the customer satisfaction. So if you are interested to work with the clients of an organization to make them convinced about the products and services, then the call center industry offers you the opportunity. Individuals with excellent communication skills can work well in this field as it helps to attain client support and coordination. Computers, telephones and other technologies are used widely to ensure the quality services.


According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics call center jobs ranked one of the largest industries with 2.3 million jobs in 2008. So the job prospects are found to be excellent for the candidates with great communication and interpersonal skills. Experienced professionals may get advanced to higher level career roles in the call center industry.


Call centers are considered as the revenue generating hubs of a business organization that ensure customers satisfaction. Job profiles differ for the managerial roles depending on the work environments.They have to offer assistance and service for the customer complaints and queries based on the nature of business organization. So a Call center Manager requires so many special skills and traits to control the operations and processes in a call center .

They have to keep the statistical records and target achieved by each call center representative. Decisions should be made wisely in different situations with a clear judgment and they also have the authority to recruit people for the job. The other responsibilities include monitoring the employees, assigning tasks, preparing plans to improve the efficiency, assessing the employee performances etc.

Feed backs are collected from the customers to analyze the productivity. Technical knowledge in the technologies and the call center metrics are very important in managing the telemarketing section.

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