Career Streams in Media Studies

Career Streams in Media Studies

Mass Communication

Media studies or mass communication is a broad field which mainly consists of broadcasting, advertising, digital edia,  digital publishing, graphic communication, journalism and also public relations. Each of these fields is discussed here briefly to give you an overview of it so that you can be aware of the possibilities that media studies offer.

In broadcasting field, you may work as broadcast news analyst or as a television reporter. You may also work in the  technical side of the broadcasting business as an assistant producer, video editor, producer, program director, assistant news director, news director, camera operator, master control engineer, technical director etc. Thus, you may work behind the scenes or in the glare of limelight, whatever your preference may be.

A career in advertising requires a huge creative potential and thinking out the box mindset. Here you will have to  satisfy all the requirements of your client as well as also keep in mind the code of ethics which is necessary so that public is not misled. Advertisements may be in the print form or online or in television. Whatever may be the form, there are always deadlines to adhere to and at the same time creativity has to be maintained. This makes advertising quite a challenging job.

Digital media includes career streams ranging from website design and development to search engine optimization. With the development of various software and tools, the world of digital media has become quite exciting and offers variety of choices. Working on computers continuously for long hours is the norm and one should be conversant
with the latest technology.

Digital publishing is revolutionizing the world of publishing and new age technologies have rejuvenated this industry. The type of products that are produced using digital publishing include books, e-books, periodicals, websites, blogs, podcasts, mobile extensions and the list is growing every day. As computer software concerned with digital publishing continues to advance, there would be more and more opportunities in this field as compared to traditional publishing.

Graphic design or communication is another career stream available in media studies. The language of sign, symbols  and logos to represent an idea is the main objective of graphic design. It has its utility everywhere ranging from signs and symbols found in various railroad stations, airports, etc. to the logos of various companies. It is a fulfilling career which combines both the technical and design skills of an individual to achieve the objectives of the client.

Journalism is the exciting world of news reporting and current affairs. It helps the public be informed of the latest  happenings in the world. Journalists even report from war zones and disaster zones making this job dangerous too. You have to work under deadlines and now technology is transmitting news instantly from the place where it ’s happening.

Public relations professionals help in the image building of a particular client, business firm, individual celebrity or the government. Their role is to make a positive image of their clients in front of the public and make the clients work or business area to be seen in a positive eye in the public domain so that it ensures continued public support for their activities.

Thus, various career streams in mass communication or media studies are varied and offer lucrative opportunities. You have wide variety of fields to choose from and exploit your technical expertise or your creative bend of mind.

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