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How to prepare well for examination

Prepare well for examination

“Follow these golden steps for success in examination…”

Exams are meant to assess whether you have understood the key concepts and theories covered in course or not. They are effective tools to measure your ability and power of tolerance because in exam hall you need to write considering the time frame in which you need to complete your paper. Application based exam provides platform to express your ideas and opinions on a given topic. Moreover exams become basis on which you will be promoted to next grade.

Most students hate the exams because of fear of failure. As soon as they hear about the exams, they get nervous and start worrying about it. Exams are the part and parcel of a student life, so instead of being worried about the exams you must concentrate on preparation. You must perceive the exams as tool for measurement of progress rather than fearing or hating it. Higher degree of preparation and commitment facilitates you to clear the exams easily.

To clear the examination and avoid the feeling of fear, you need to follow simple tips which are as follows :

· You must start preparing for studies well before the exams.  If you will start early then you can clear your doubts meanwhile and familiarize yourself with the topic. During the exams you only need to review what you have already learned and understood.

· Study environment is crucial element for effective reading. The place of the reading should be peaceful and free from all disturbances. Studies have proved that reading in early morning brings efficient results because of silent surroundings and higher level of concentration.

·You can go through previous quiz papers along with answers as well as notes prepared by you. You must not underestimate value reading notes at last minute. Notes are popular for their brevity and hands on approach.

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