HISTORY: Studying history….in an interesting way .

HISTORY: Studying history

History is the science of interpreting and studying the past involving various aspects such as economic, social, cultural and political. History underlines the human achievements, the way we have evolved as humans and how it has affected our culture and our thought process, the highs and the lows of various centuries and the progress made in different spheres of sciences, arts and literature.

 History, thus, being such a vast subject, sometimes is a monotonous reading. However, there are also people who enjoy history as a whole and some of them might be reading this at this time aspiring to graduate in history, thus getting a better grip on the subject. The need of studying history is immediate and pressing.

What made civilizations in various parts of the world develop and what made them extinct /?If you think that these sorts of questions really make you dig more and more into the past, then nothing could be better than choosing History as a major in the college. These important aspects of history need to be studied so that we don/’t fall in the same abyss that made the various civilizations extinct, and thus erase our legacies.

Now there is a pressing need to take a stock of whatever has been achieved and carry out an introspection of the cost of achievement. There has been lot of environmental degradation at the cost of positive change in quality of life, at a pace it shouldn/’t have. Though we have achieved a lot, we need to introspect about whether it is all worth it. History is a tool through which our collective conscience would emerge and solve the dilemmas, the civilization has been facing. The scourge of wars, famines, poverty, hate, crimes and hunger need to be erased and history is a reference point which can be used to make a beginning to understand all this and learn to ring out the old and ring in the new.

Thus, history is something which is way too important to be ignored and its study could give us deep insights paving the way for a bright and prosperous future ahead. It may be monotonous at times and you may find it lengthy a syllabus to cover, but History can make an exciting read too even in the classrooms during your college days.


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